AGC Corps March?

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by baldy_breeder, Aug 27, 2006.

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  1. Guys, can anyone tell me what the corps march is for the AGC? Or, do you have seperate ones for each branch (RMP, ETS etc.)?
  2. The RMP Corps march is 'The Watchtower' I still do not acknowledge the AGC one!
  3. Is it the theme tune from the muppets?
  4. Brilliant, thanks, exactly what I needed. Anyone got it as .mp3 or .wma? (or any other audio format I can download please? :wink: )
  5. I thought "Pride of Lions" and "Greensleeves" refered to in the link as the AGC marches belonged to the WRAC?
  6. Dont be a cheapskate and go and buy a CD from the museum!
  7. Yeah, if I was in the AGC maybe I would.... however I'm not and I only wanted the first few bars for a regimental dinner! Not really worth buying a CD for. Tell you what, I'll fly back from Germany and buy the CD if you buy it off me when I'm done with it?
  8. Ha Ha, who said I was AGC? Who said I actually wanted a copy???
  9. Hehe, hook, line and sinker....
  10. well in my defence, it was early when I replied, but I really should have seen that bite for what it was!