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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by TheLazyPTI, Sep 2, 2012.

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  1. Hello,

    does anybody have the details for the AGC Corps football team, if such a team exists??

  2. Yes, Maj John Killoran (RAO 2RTR) is the manager. Maj 'Bash' Bates (RAO 10 QOGLR) is the head coach. WO2 Mark Ayre (SPSTS Worthy Down) is Secretary. Call 192 and ask for the numbers, I'm not in work to have access to them at the moment. Cpl Steve Nicholson (Gym - Worhy Down) is the skipper. I know his number is 94712 2557. Tell him Dan Walker gave you the number. Corps trials are 19 - 20th this month and first game 21st, all at Worthy Down.

    Should answer the question matey.
  3. AGC, Kissball, and PTI? You must be ooozing "homo"
  4. I'm sure if you think it's too homo for you, then you could just go elsewhere? Maybe there's a TA thread you'd like to invade, and pollute with pointless crap.
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  5. Is that the same lazy mistake as PIN Number or TUC Congress ?
  6. You sure these guys will be happy to have their names and in the case of the skipper phone number posted in an open forum on ARRSE?
  7. Ah, bless.
  8. Assuming you came onto this thread purely to do a bit of baiting, and have nothing more to do? Ah, bless.
  9. I'm lying on my cot in grenade alley, Lashkar Gar. Of course I have **** all else to do!
  10. PA it appears we are laying on different pits but in the same location.
  11. Really?? We should meet for a brew. I am on the afternoon Osprey back to Bastion tomorrow, before my move to GSK. I'll be back in a month or so for 4 weeks. Who are you here with? Feel free to PM me. I can RV with you tomorrow sometime if you like?
  12. PM inbound.
  13. Cheers Mr Happy,

    much appreciated!