AGC Clks to Higher Band - less a Level!

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by massarge, Apr 3, 2009.

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  1. How nice of SPVA to assimilate Cpls, Sgts and WO2s to Higher Band, but then drop them a level!

    The Pay2000 rules clearly state that transition between ranges is level for level (i.e. Level 6 WO2 Lower assimilates to Level 6 WO2 Higher), but a quick check of 'My Information Views' in JPA Self-Service reveals that the transition has reduced them all by one level.

    This is of course another SPVA cock up that needs resolving before the pay run! Comments......
  2. Not sure in this instance....

    Usually movement from one band to another, as you say, requires level to level movement. However, perhaps in this instance they are not using this rule. After all this is a Corps wide pay increase, rather than an established pay band change.

    You are still earning a lot more than you were are you not?
  3. no pleasing anyone these days
  4. Chocolate_frog, more than happy to be earning more, but feel slightly for the level 2 cpls who do not receive a pay rise as a result!

    As for the rules, they are clear about level for level. If it was your pay I'm sure it would matter.
  5. Are you sure? Mine has transfered over like for like just fine. Speak to your unit HR lol :)
  6. Fcuk Aye it would.... but it's not. :lol:

    If there are guys who are not getting any sort of increase then I am wondering if it is a fcuk up, but why is this across the board?

    If it makes you feel anybetter the current 5% pay rise for Sgts is causing aggro too. Some poor fcukers have done their SCLM as quickly as possible and are now going to earn less than those who didn't!!!

    Lad in my mob sat on Level 1, guy who will do his SCLM in May/June (can't remember whcih) will go in at 2.....
  7. It also affects the RAF clerks, so appears to be an input error by the Glasgee mongs.

    The Sgt pay increase issue is a shame. The MoD will continue to bleat that it's good for those who benefit and fcuk the rest, but should have at least considered applying an increase to Level 1 Sgt to satisfy the remainder.

    It's not rocket science, it's just about giving a shit!