Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by mac5543, Feb 6, 2009.

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  1. Hi All,

    Looking to get hold of tickets & wrist bands for the AGC Bar this year. Anyone able to assist me with copies of the application forms? I believe JJ is organising it this year.

    If you can help, please PM me with details.

    Mucho Grassyarse.

  2. Me too, I know it is early but (allegedly) the Navy are already getting tickets etc out.
    Hurry up whoever...................................!
    The Babcock Trophy Army v Navy rugby match will take place on 2nd May 2009 at Twickenham Rugby Stadium. Anyone who would like tickets for the game should contact Maj Greg Ehlen on the telephone numbers shown below. The location of the bar is TBC but it is predicted that we will have our own, which will be once again indoors. We have been allocated 600 spaces within the venue. Cheques are to be made payable to the “CENTRAL BANK 6 RIFLES” and forwarded with the application form. All tickets and bracelets will be sent to applicants approximately 2 weeks prior to the match or once your payment has cleared our bank.

    Ticket Prices

    Adult x 1 £23.00 (includes access to bar) East & West Stands only
    Adult £21.00 family tickets each North Stand
    Coach parking £50.00 per day West carpark
    Mini-Bus parking £30.00 per day West carpark
    Car parking £15.00 per day West carpark

    Bracelets will not be sold separately and will only be provided if you purchase a match day ticket from Maj Ehlen.
    To: Capt EA Cullen AGC(SPS) From: ____________________
    RAO ____________________ 6 RIFLES ____________________ Wyvern Barracks ____________________
    EXETER Tel No: .
    Devon EX2 6AR (Full postal address and Tel No is required)
    Tel: 94348 Ext 2459
    Civil: 01392 492459

    Please send the following: _____ x Tickets * £ :

    x Coach/M-Bus/Car Parking* £ :

    Total amount (Cheque enclosed) £ :

    * Delete where necessary

    The AGC Rock Band will be playing in the bar before and after the match.

    Food will also be available in the form of hot dogs, burgers etc.
  4. PERSEC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Perhaps those details should have gone on a pm IF you knew the recepient jt.
  5. Sorry, don't see the persec issue, if a MOD thinks there is one, he can delete the post by all means.
  6. Sorry, can you clarify:

    Tickets from Maj E.......yet cheques etc to Capt C at 6 RIFLES.....contradiction, or has Capt C just done a cut and paste on last year's letter, and bodged it?
  7. Any updates on this one as would like to get sometickets and wristbands :?:
  8. You've posted the blokes name and address and don't see the issue?! :?
  9. Guys,

    Is Maj G E still the man to contact or is Capt C the one as per the previous posts?

    Hilfe Bitte :)
  10. Obviously no PERSEC issue, put the tinfoil hat away. If he didn't want his name made public he wouldn't have asked for his details to be used as the mailing address would he?
  11. Could someone PM me on how to get hold of bar bands? I've already got the tickets sorted but would just like to get in the bar, if there is one.
  12. Due to miscommunication in our loc, looking to get hold of 17 bar bands/tickets for AGC bar at Army v Navy.

    Any at all would be helpful.
  13. All you saddo rugby fans going to Twickenham.
    How many of you even watch the game instead of going just to get drunk.
    You all need to get lives!
  14. I think this deserves to go in the Naafi section thread :roll:

    Best of luck to both teams on May 2nd :wink:
  15. The Army guys go to support their team As do the Navy, the drinking is a bonus. Guessing that you are a football nosher, I'd like to bet I can safely say, that you support a premiership football team, that is neither your local town or where you brought up. Continue to slag off the Rugby crowd and those with the balls to support their 'ACTUAL' team by all means though.

    Throbber :roll: