AGC are S H I T

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Hairy_T_Towel_Holder, Feb 11, 2007.

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  1. Now that JPA is coming in does that mean that all of our clerks can do something right for once. (ie turn up for work) With JPA going ahead instead of our clerks having a head full of knitting patterns and bike bits, when trying to sort out something for you. (actually messing it up.) They will be able to do photocopying correctly, oh and sucking up to any boss that is in the office.

    Hey when we go on exercise they could fit in a dog lumbago and mackrano course instead of catching up on all thier fack ups. But then again they would probaly fAck that up and all. Guys and girls (Gays and clam jousters) transfer to the scab lifters or failing that become trolly mongs in the cookhouse. No dont, you cant because you are all TWATTS.

    JPA is good.

    [align=center]SACK THE AGC [/align]

    Why? 5 months to get 1000 quid bonus.

    Shocking had to speak to my badge in the end to get something done.
  2. I agree. The AGC clerks in 3 PARA are atrocious, especially the company clerks. The ethnic ones are really useless and one must wonder how they ever passed their army entrance test. They are lazy fcukers to boot.
  3. Only sack them surely we can be more inventive than that!!

    How about covering them in chocolate and throwing them into a pit full of starving honey badgers!!
  4. The thing is, is that if an NCO in 3 Para performed to the same standards as the AGC clerks we have, they would be put on a 3 month formal and demoted if no improvement was made. These clerks receive no disciplinary action whatsoever!
  5. unfortunately JPA will not replace clerks - their will only be a limited amount of admin an individual can do for themselves on the system.

    But I agree with you that the standards of a fair few junior shiney arrses is cr4p
  6. and no doubt would be informally informed of their inabilities by their peers if my exeperience the the Parachute Regt is anything to go by!

    not suffering fools gladly isn't a bad thing!
  7. Last time I went to Worthless Down I thought the taxi driver took me abroad by mistake, and the thing was...listening to most of these guys in the cookhouse, I could hardly undertsand them. And these are the people doing our paperwork??? No wonder things get fucked up. :thumbdown:
  8. i spent 6 months on telic 7 without a phone card cos the AGC clerk was to busy getting a sun tan , fortunately im a sad fuk with no one to phone and was far to busy to have been able to chase it up properly.
  9. Don't beat yourself up over being a sad fcuk - you should have beat the AGC clerk up. Ok, so you had no one to phone - thats not an excuse for some usless AGC clerk not to get you a phone card.

    Dosen't it make your blood boil when non-combatants get away with it.

    BT :threaten:
  10. As a transfer into the AGC - been here almost 2 yrs now - i agree with all the comments you have said here. But not all clerks are like this. i feel sorry if your unit does have all the mongs though.
    have you tried speaking to your senior's to get the clerks sacked from your company / sqn etc.
    as for the ones that dont speak english properly - thats a sensetive issue dont want to give raise to any racial comments - but last time i was at disney down it was spot the white man, and if you dont speak their native tongue they dont try to mix. again thats isnt all of them but enough said there.
  11. Hmmm...maybe al qaaeda are smarter than we think...imagine the morale effects if the AGC suddenly became inefficient and failed to put the hours in, or lost key files, certificates and paperwork. Ooooh...golly.
  12. I get the feeling there are gonna be a lot of people who're gonna suffer at the hands of their own incompetence come the changeover to JPA

    Cant wait for the signs to go up on the Clerk's Offices:

    'Problem with JPA? Unlucky, fella!! You did the course!'


    ...You did do the course.....?