AGC and Brit Forces into 21st Cent

Hello all,

Firstly let me appologise, as this will be my first bit of typing, but i feel a little agrieved and understand this is the place.

Yes I am an AGC soldier, yes the world is changing, and we have to change not only with the long hours whilst all around are knocking off, but with the uncertainty with how our future role is changing, i love nothng better than have a one to one with a fellow soldier, then going home knowing that I have elped someone get a claim, or sort some ones problems out - How will I do this with JPA? am I doomed to the computer, the desk and the file this?

The other...

I believe that the Army are taking a more active role with the future, with CLM being in how long, and I could be in 37 years :roll: Why when I try to possibly map my future with the forces MCM pages dp they still have JQC on the plans (PDR) yes I do try to keep mine upto date, but there have been no updates since 01 ?

Could anyone help clear up these small issues
You hit the nail on the head with JPA mate, you now know you'll have an admin career for the next decade at least. Appararently the bugs are no where near ironed out and the powers that be are now panicing that the authority codes will be leaked quicker than you can say Jack Frost!
The rest of the Army already has the admin codes. You can download them off the net.

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