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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by DrSauce, Dec 7, 2005.

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  1. As an ALS lawyer do you spend most of your time dealing with squaddie conveyancing? Or do you actually get to spend a fair amount of time dealing with APA prosecutions and advising on military law?


  2. You do as you are told. Even when the case isn't worth trying.
  3. Are you a lawyer Biscuits?
  4. He is only the Barrack Room variety ..... :D :D :D
  5. Barrack Room? I'll have you know that I have since graduated to the entire Barrack Block. Room indeed!
  6. Thanks for that. Very useful.

    The orginal question stands. I would be grateful for some advice on the subject.


  7. You will spend a part of your time pursuing lack lustre prosecutions and usually up against a better quality and more determined defence. That's not a swipe, that's a fact. In the same vein, that doesn't mean that you lose all of the time. There is a TA element who you would be better speaking to if you want to join. They will give you the honest picture of what it's like. You'll find them at Worthy Down. Try it part time first.

    You will also spend a substantial amount of your time advising COs on what they can and cannot do.
  8. Thanks Biscuits. The only problem is that I'm 30 next July and I know that the AGC(ALS) age limit is 30. I need a challenge. I know what you're saying about the quality of the opposition. However, I fancy a change after 3 years in criminal defence and I think that I could do the job.

    I would be interested in your comments.


  9. The stated limit may be '30', but you might find they may bend the rules for you, dependant upon your experience etc. If not, try the RAF. Seriously. They aren't bothered so much about the age thing. They're more interested in what you can do. It's worth at least a chat with them.
  10. The TA is also worth a try - if you find you like it that much, then there's always the option to try for an FTRS post.

    You also need to think slightly futher ahead I would have thought. In ten years time, you're forty and the Army isn't what you thought it was going to be - how many firms are going to look at a CV that says "Army Lawyer" in a positive light?

    Whereas a normal solicitor/barrister CV that says "spent six months with the Army" is adding to your CV, not making it the focus of your experience.

    Not quite sure where to direct you, but asking someone at Worthy Down if they can put you in touch with an ex-ALS member might be useful.
  11. Thanks for the advice chaps. I understand what you're saying Mr. Relaxed as regards a firm considering a CV. However, in criminal defence there is a shortage of lawyers in any event due to legal aid cut backs. Most solicitors opt for more lucrative area of law such as commercial litigation or property deals. I have spoken to lawyers in the Criminal Defence Service and Crown Prosecution Service who confirm that demand is likely to still be there for keen lawyers in 5-10 years.

    I have taken Biscuits suggestion as to exploring the RAF as an alternative. I'm keeping both options, RAF and Army, open at the moment. The RAF are interviewing in January and the Army in April.
  12. Thats true, cos sometimes they plead guilty :p