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I do not understand the continued reason for this association, to an outsider there appears to be little will or need to merge their skills under this title. The SPS now wear their TRF, RMP will always wear their beret & the ETS and ALS will go their own way too.

I don't understand it - does anyone else ?
ETS have just regained their own beret, capbadge and stable belt- all in old RAEC stylie.
It is all pointless and, as all corps men really know, the regimental system doesn't matter so why bother pissing about with it. It's hardly likely to affect al Q' is it?
Same questions that were being asked in the early Nineties. I could see the logic of a 'Royal Corps of Clerks' in theory but when they tried the same thing with Drivers way back in the Sixties it fell on it's arse. The idea then was that no other capbadge than RCT would drive military vehicles, see the problems in that.

As for Regimental clerks they were a good and a bad thing in RMP they were a disaster and caused a great deal of resentment but they seemed to work in Regiments.

Everyone else was just an add on RAEC and ALS because they were bookish sorts and they did not fit anywhere else and RMP? God only knows the logic behind that other than a tenuous link between the AG, discipline and Provost. It would probasbly have been better to put Provost Ops types into the RLC and Policing types into a legal organisation along with ALS.

Ah well as they say 'You are where you are.'


Regt'l clerks in RMP were wasters who saw a quick route to promotion that would have otherwise been denied them through natural selection. I have to say that when we started getting professional clerks attached to us, the standard of admin just soared.
No Clerks left anymore, I think they are all Human Resource Assistants (HRA). Which by rights should result in a drop in pay if the Army continue to award pay in comparison to 1 (uk) Civ Div.

Average pay for Civ HRA is about 10k.



Soldier_Why said:
Biscuits_AB said:
I have to say that when we started getting professional clerks attached to us, the standard of admin just soared.
Oooh! That's going to come back and bite you in the arrse at some point! :D
It's true honest. In between doing thier nails and mascara and a quick chat about Corrie, the SPS blokes were alright.
Talking of the lesser known branches of the AGC- why have the ETS shoved Education Sunday on Fathers' Day AGAIN. So instead of breakfast in bed, a bottle of something mellow for later and sunday lunch at a local pub, I have to drive over 150 miles (a pain), go to church (ok that is not too bad-good for the soul) then have lunch (hopefully a pub) being nice to all those people I have to be nice to all week. then drive back-can't even get wnakered.

Change the date for next year, please.

Exits left to sign soap box back into QMs
Biscuits_AB said:
Education Sunday?
I suppose you'd have called it "Corps Day" in the old vernacular. A bit of a gathering, church parade, curry lunch, few beers and listen to the retired duffers telling you how it was sooooooo much better in their day etc etc. Done by divisional area and a royal pain in the ricker to organize.


Sorry, it should have been more obvious.

Our 'Corps day' is also on a Sunday, but being greater in number it doesn't require us to travel any distances as there will always be sufficient in number locally...we have more retired Colonels than the Brigade of Retired Colonels, so anything less than a Major isn't missed.

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