Against field postings for QAs?

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Flambo, Oct 13, 2009.

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  1. Why are so many QA's so desperate to avoid field postings? I was talking to one who was horrified at being posted to a Medical regt never having left an MDHU. What's the drama guys? Get out there and join the rest of the AMS and see what the army is really about!
  2. I was first female QA to get posted to 24 Airmobile Field Ambulance back in 1988. Beat working in a hospital hands down, what I joined the Army for.
  3. AMS & real Army is the same sentence, you don't see that very often

    Im sure 1 or 2 QA's may have a general idea of what the Army is about without having to join a field unit.
  4. Let them see what real life is like,instead of laughing at the poor b88stid going to the STC passed their Wards-(wasn't me,honest)
  5. PT
    Guard Duties
    Dull meaningless drudgery of day to day life in a field unit when not deployed
  6. Once again FF hits the mark!!
  7. There is always the old whinge about clinical competence being affected. Rubbish if you ask me. Senior QAs in these units should be ensuring that the SGPL is being adhered to or pass it up if it is not. I am thoroughly enjoying being away from the MDHUs and the AMS in general and I suspect it will make me a more rounded QA (and I don't just mean around the waist/arrse as this is seldom a problem in our Corps)
  8. im at a med regt and love it!!! dont actually want to go back to an MDHU!! i feel that its what army nursing is about!!
  9. Nice to see you returned from your latest exploits safe and sound Flambo..!!

    I think nurses are comfortable working in MDHU's as it is a safe environment for them. I never got posted to a field unit/med regt but have been deployed with them on a few occasions. It certainly hasn't done my career any harm. But I would cetainly recommend to any of my junior soldiers to look beyond the MDHU's and even beyond the AMS in general..!! There are plenty of Infantry regts with LSN's for Nurses as you well know.
  10. Best thing about a field unit when not deployed? No whinging patients!! :D
  11. Ah, we are talking Field units, not that cosy soft hash of a cross over between the NHS and the army that is your typical civvy led MDHU!
  12. Oi! Those leaves don't sweep themselves you know.
  13. The majority of the Nurses Cpl- Capt posted into 3 + 5 Med Regt have found their way into the Medical Centre..

    All they have done since being posted into the Regiment is whinge that they shouldnt be there, that there job is in MDHU's etc etc..

    On the other side there are some cracking Nurses that love fieldcraft and adapting to routine Regimental Life (sweeping leaves,tentage, Naafi breaks) also are assets to their respective RAP's...
  14. of course not!

    Slightly off topic but anyone remember the muster parades on Monday and Friday mornings at the CMH? JR Males only!!! Basically consisted of getting up early (another reason not to go to field units!), getting inspected by the duty SNCO followed by a litter sweep outside the front of the hospital and down the whole of Gun Hill.
  15. Only too well, especially after a Thursday night NAAFI drinking session, I remember one time (summer 1984) being found by cleaner still in toilets in the NAAFI half hour before parade. Still don't know how I passed that inspection.