Again couldnt find sticky soo....

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if there's already a thread please move it [arg the mods and administrators of this sites gonna hate me >.< ]

but i was wondering about piercings
like, obviously, i wont be able o kick about in gear with my septum bar in but, can you wear retainers?

i dont mind if i have to take them out, much ha, but really my mates had asked me if you were allowed to wear a retainer in it because they dont hang out of your body the way the piercings do, ive never heard of them getting ripped out, and they dont get in the way, and well depending on were on the body it is you cant see them

so yeah any info would be grand ^_^

ive got body piercings and im removing them for service, that was my old life, when you sign up you start a new life, leave the piercings in civvi street luv.

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