Again Al Qaeda do a bit of sabre rattling


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Stop producing flags for them to shoot at?
at least they are not shooting at white flags, that would have the french in a true uncontrolled flap :D

I suppose its a bit of a non story in that the UK has always been under some form of threat, I am not that concerned as its unlikely these sort of folk will take on anyone toe to toe, rather play hide and seek with IED's etc


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Interesting how Guantanamo was such a bad place with its miscarriages fo justice an'all. . . . . . 60 odd ex-prisoners have gone back to being AQ terrorists - even producing videos to say how they did it before, and they'll do it again. Should have simply beheaded the little b'stards.
The_Rattler said:

Oh dear, what shall we do now :?

Now that Jonathan Woss is back, can we get him to phone them up and say he shagged their mother?
Two pidgeons have flown from gitmo back to the nest - I hope to fcuk somebody had the foresight to implant some chips in them...
Wah off-I fcuking love it when sh1te like this is used to imply that Guantanamo was a good thing all along.

If it was so good- how did they get away with it? Were they not tortured hard enough?

Gitmo and Abu Graib probably radicalised a hundred times their population. So even if they had been baddies- which no western country would have accepted given the way their admission was extracted you are still worse off

Finally and most importantly, Gitmo justice most resembles..sharia law. If Liberty is most easily defined by habeas corpus then if you take that away you are just the same as those you seek to protect western democracy from.

Wah on -

As for flags, fcuk em. People make countries not flags, you can do what you like to flags- did I mention I was Welsh?
UK Trial Exposes al-Qaeda Terrorist Network with Connections to Pakistan
Publication: Terrorism Monitor Volume: 7 Issue: 2
January 23, 2009 11:05 AM Age: 4 days

By: Raffaello Pantucci

In a trial that passed with remarkably little fanfare last December, a jury in Manchester, England, convicted Rangzieb Ahmed and Habib Ahmed (no relation) on charges of being members of al-Qaeda. In a released statement, the Crown Prosecution Service described Rangzieb Ahmed as “an important member of al-Qaeda and in a position to direct some of its activities.” [1] Detective Chief Superintendent Tony Porter of the Greater Manchester Police went further, describing Rangzieb as “a very dangerous man,” whom he believed “was intent on masterminding terrorist attacks and would have considered mass murder part of his duty” (BBC, December 18, 2008).

By his own account, Rangzieb Ahmed was detained by security forces in Haripur in Pakistan’s North West Frontier Province on August 20, 2006. For the next six months Rangzieb claims he was tortured in a Pakistani detention center and questioned by British and American officials. [2] At around the same time, in the northern English city of Manchester, Rangzieb’s future partner Habib Ahmed and his wife Mehreen Haji were detained in mid-2006 on a variety of charges. Habib was charged with “attending a terrorist training camp in Pakistan” and of collecting “information, namely electronic records relating to potential terrorist targets and other information of a kind likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism.” His wife Mehreen was charged with funding terrorism (Manchester Evening News, 25 September, 2006).

At this point (again according to his account and supported by Human Rights Watch) Rangzieb Ahmed was detained by Pakistani security forces and repeatedly tortured and questioned by American, British, and Pakistani intelligence services for a period of about a year before he was placed on a plane back to the UK, arriving there on September 7, 2007 (Reuters, September 7, 2007). He was immediately detained upon arrival at Heathrow and did not appear in public again until all three were presented in court in late September 2008 (Manchester Evening News, September 24, 2008).

Full article =34402&tx_ttnews[backPid]=412&no_cache=1]here

Provides some interesting reading on AQ in the UK