Can anyone tell me how long a AGAI stays on your record? I have been told its 2 years but i was then told it is only 3 months.
67.027 Record of Minor Sanctions. For Minor Sanctions a record is to be held in a subunit file and is subject to inspection as directed in Annex C and annual AGC (SPS) inspection. For Formal Interviews, a copy of the interview form is to be retained on the serviceman’s AF B9999 which is normally to be removed on posting.
Annex C:
14. Inspection. In addition to review that is carried out before the award of a sanction and formal review at the individual’s request, it is important that regular inspections of the sub unit minor sanctions book are carried out by COs. A weekly inspection should be carried out within every unit by the head of department or OC as appropriate and any significant matters should be brought to the attention of the CO and appropriate steps
taken. The CO should carry out an inspection at least once a month. The records of Minor Administrative Action should be retained for 5 years and be available for inspection at any time by higher authority.

15. Interviews. If a serviceman is posted when having recently having been subject to an Informal or Formal Interview his CO should consider whether the receiving unit should be made aware of the circumstances to enable the assistance he is receiving to continue.
Hope that helps... Curious now though... Spill the beans!
Come on Mattybouy, enlighten us.(By PM if necessary). :D

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