I have been awarded an AGAI for disobeying a direct order in reopening a bar when it should have been closed. Fair one and I am not complaining. I was wondering what other AGAIs have been given out that you think yeh I know.

Over to you.
I will never agai anyone :D
its head or gut 8O
take it or leave it :twisted:
I will never agai anyone :D
its head or gut 8O
take it or leave it :twisted:
i know that he is telling the truth here gents/doris' 8) 8) 8) 8)
Axeman said:
As with all things military the offence is getting caught.
ain't that the trurth :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
My old badge used to get fed up with the Med Centre sending snotty memos around saying how much time had been wasted by guys missing appointments so he sent a memo to the med centre saying how much of his blokes time had been wasted because the doctor was running late etc. I think the med centre wasted more of our time than we did theirs.
The Razz Man threatened to AGAI me if he saw me carrying a daysack around camp which wasn't green in colour - WTF is all that about!

Needless to say I didn't have a green one at that time and was not walking about with rocket pouches so went to the local M&S and got a green carrier bag and adapted it to cover my blue Berghaus - got a detail as duty driver for being a cocky c*nt, but was worth the giggle when turning up on parade. :twisted:
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