Agai while on sick leave

Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by matt_2818, Aug 29, 2012.

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  1. Had a phone great phone call this morning telling me im getting agai'd for taking a car back late.

    Im on sick leave due to a surgical procedure on my knee after getting injured on pt
    Had a pre-arranged appointment at headley court, and while there they drained excess fluid from my knee and gave me a steroid injection - kept me up majority of last night and as such, ended up oversleeping my alarm (prob used to the lie ins over the last week!).
    Car ended up being 40 mins late.

    I didnt explain on phone reasons for it being late, he didnt seem interested anyway.
    Reckon if i explain when i go back on monday the mt cpl who wants to agai me will understand... or should i just accept the agai

    its a first offence so it shouldnt be so bad? - although i wont be able to do the extras till sometime in november when ill be able to do duties again after rehab - i dislocated my knee & broke my patella!

    hopefully he was just having a bad day and he'll forget, but its got to be a first - agai'd while on sick leave?!
  2. When you return to unit apologise and explain.

    If he doesn't accept this mention to Cpl Wheels that next time MT can provide a driver,

    and if that doesn't work there tick the 'I do not accept' explain to your Sgt Maj.
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  3. In a polite a way as possible tell him he can **** right off.

    And as Chocolate frog says if he attempts to do it have a word with the CSM or SSM when he asks for the details and if he has more than two braincells he will more than likely have a quiet word with the chap.
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  4. cheers guys.
    think its best i just go direct to him monday and explain.
    cant see him being unreasonable.

  5. Might be an idea next time to phone ahead and let them/him know it will be late... manners maketh the man and all that.
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  6. Should you have even been driving after your procedure? I wasn't allowed to drive for a month after I had my hip operated on.
  7. You should have been given a driver. Have you got a PRO? Who arranged the Hire Car for you?
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  8. Key hole surgery - for the first week its rest/limited light walking and basic exercises from the physio. 2nd week you can walk further, and drive a car while continuing with exercises - all according to frimley park hospital anyway.

    This is only because the offending break in my patella was on the corner.... so they just removed the broken off bit instead of repairing it and flushed out the bone fragments that were causing my knee limited movement.
    Cartilage damage was smoothed off by burning it smooth & washed it out.

    Pretty amazing really as im left with 2 small incisions that are no bigger than 1cm and should, in theory, be able to do some light running next week.
    Only thing is it hurts if im on it longer than 30 mins as i found out walking the dog monday - but im sure physio on camp will sort that out while building up the strength etc.

    I felt fine to drive, which is the only reason i didnt have one. Was arranged through MT.

    All this is because he said the bird who answered phone got it in the neck off the logisical support unit because the car was late - but when i dropped it off and spoke to the civvies and they didnt even care it was late. I must have dropped it off just after they contacted MT.

    Speaking to some of the other lads at work everything is a little stressed so im guessing i just got it because of that.
  9. You were not allowed. PM me.