Does anyone know the procedure of a redress? I put a redress in 2 weeks ago due to the fact i have not been paid for the last 4 months and all my details on JPA either are not there or are wrong. No one seems to helping me. The day i submitted it i had an interview with the OC, was appointed an assisting officer (who i have not seen due to the fact he is in Sicily swanning it!) and was told the CO would not see me as he too was busy and was then joining my AO in Sicily!. I have heard nothing since, my pay is no where near sorted and i am now threaders! I am aware that there is supposed to be a timescale but with no backbrief i am none the wiser as to what action is taking place, if any. What is the procedure please anyone?
This is a link to the timeline for AGAI 67. I imagine they are similar for 70 however I am not sure.

Edited to add this as well.

Try reading some of that it might be more helpful, or it might send you to sleep. Think its 20 'working' days, so you still have to wait. Just make sure you are in a position to evidence submission of the 70 etc.

Just tread carefully though don't go barreling into the RSM's office telling him the OC needs to get it sorted or you know whats ging to happen....

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