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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bravo_Bravo, Apr 26, 2011.

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  1. Please help

    Despite me knowing that somebody considerably higher up the food chain knows exactly who I am, I've not only been posting made up stuff about him but, in an attempt to impress the Big Boys, sent some PMs. ( obviously, if I send details about him giving away his PERSEC, he'll never guess where it came from. )

    Now, it seems that the Big Boys also think I'm a bit silly and the person concerned has seen them.

    Problem is, I know he knows who I am, but I juuuuuust cannot keep my mouth shut. He'll be in Cyprus as PRT with me very soon, as well.

    Now, I might just POSSIBLY have confirmed who I am when I sent him a PM correcting the spelling of my name

    Should I just carry on, and deny everything in Cyprus? Or should I pretend that he is trying to get me taken off HERRICK, because that'll sound good.

    Please help.
  2. Oh dear, what stuff did you make up about him we're all dying to hear.......
  3. Well, its not as if this is real is it? I mean, what I publish to the world stays published to the world, ike being in a pub.

  4. have you been borrowing medals again
  5. Howabout you two schedule a time and a car park and settle your differences?
  6. yeah, no trace left whatso ever.....
  7. Sounds like some sort of lover's tiff to me. Why don't you two just book a hotel room & work all your frustrations out?

    Alternatively you could both grow up & stop gobbing off on here - clearly neither of you has the sense of humour for it.
  8. I wouldn't worry about your ID, it was posted in plain English when that bloke from your unit posted your name & rank and unit and said you were a knob , in a new thread, before it was deleted.
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  9. For a WO2, you are an almighty penis. In fact, a fucking disgrace to the TA......and that really is saying something
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  10. Has he been promoted then? The bloke from his unit gave his rank as SSGT

    Wonders never cease
  11. Which might be a teeny clue that the bloke was not from my unit.
  12. So are you still a CSjt or god forbid a WO2 now?
  13. OK, he said CSGT, I was just reverting to type.

    I can repeat what he wrote if you want me to, then you can tell us if he was wrong?
  14. Does calling Bravo Bravo a knob count as abuse, fair comment, or a statement of the obvious?