AGAI over an ARRSE post?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Jun 3, 2006.

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  1. A bit confused at the mo, I'm not one of the bullshit discipline types, I prefer a laugh and like the relationship between ranks to be friendly...... but someone has posted a damaging untrue thread about me.

    I don't think the person mean't to harm and was trying to have a laugh but I've taken offence to it. I also feel a bit ashamed that I could do this to someone making use of the site.
  2. If you think the individual responsible for the offending thread didn't mean any harm, why not pm him and explain that whilst you understand that his motive was not malicious,it has caused offence and you would like him to remove it, ask the mod to remove it or for him to publish on the thread a retraction, or some sort of explanatory statement.
  3. I was looking at that thread earlier - i did find it amusing.

    the other party obviously knows you outside of this forum - tell him your not happy but not on the thread! Others will think you protest too much and that its true or close to the truth.

    here's an idea - Get the Mods to strip him of some of his medals!!
  4. Why don't you PM him some extra's too, why your at it 8O 8O 8O
  5. Nah, ROPs (7 minimum) for incorrect use of a keyboard! LOL
  6. I think these are the best people to help.
  7. Go and batter the cu*t. Hit him with a fuc*in big stick. He'll soon learn his lesson. What the hell has it got to do with the Army. I thought Leeds fans were supposed to be hard!!
  8. So you haven’t been raped then?

    - edited for mongness :D
  9. Leeds fans can't rap. Rape on the otherhand comes naturally...
  10. <edit>
  11. Personally, If somebody from one of my hobbies tried to bollock me, for something I did in my own time (away from the TA) then I would tell them to fuck off.
  12. Polar, wait for him to **** up when he's in the TAC , then jump on him, summer camp soon should be an ideal time for those extra guards
  13. Highly unprofessional to fcuk someone around because you don’t like what they’ve been posting on here :roll:
  14. Of course
  15. I was directing that at polar69s post, I wasn't saying that you’d do something like that.

    Polar, I’d forget about it if I were you.
    He hasn’t tarnished your reputation, we don’t know who you are – so no harm done.

    And it was an entertaining thread :wink: