AGAI Or Smackeye?

Whats the general feeling outhere on AGAI67 now that its been in place for a while?

Personally I think the old days of sending menial offenders to the Gym or Guardroom was alot more beneficial? troops could see the individuals being dealt a punishment immediately! what better deterrent?

I know we wont change anything!

Just a thought anyway, Im interested to know what the rest of you think? :lol:

how about both!

give the soldier a choice adds to the excitment!

then just before he smiles and thinks bothered! whack take that! well they are back less Robbie!
I agree with the-greyman,

They should be given the choice, a good old beasting or charged!! I myself prefered the old school.
A beasting or taking around the back and given a kick in allways does the trick and it keeps the soldiers record clean.

Charging a soldier takes their hard earned cash and thats not a lot as it is.

Walla :D
A clip round the ear worked for some and so did a beasting not so long back. The problem with this new generation is they had no respect for authority at school so why have any in the Army. Besides that at least 50% are thick as mince and only joined as a job with a roof over their head and to work 9-5, a beasting to them would be forgotten about 10mins after you'd finished.

The complete knobbers that you would end up beasting would take up all of your time. At least with AGAI 67 you can give them extras and extra work so the career lads can stand down from duties at the weekend. A few show parades to stop the 9 to 5 feeling may seem trivial but this new breed of trooper like to knock off on time.

Failing that you then have a nice pile of paperwork, that our leaders say makes everything legal, that you can chuck on the boss' desk and so:
"Told you that bloke/bird was a c*ck/twat now lets SNLR them and they can live the rest of their life asking us if 'would like fries with that and we can get back looking after soldiers'".

Alternative solution......NO WITNESSES
Good answer UJ,
Is that the way the regular AAC has gone? all the crows working 9-5 I never thought that would happen.
Alright every one has a life but that takes the p*ss.
Walla :lol:
Would someone care to elaborate on AGAI 67, for the benefit of those of us who have left? Ta.
It’s an easy fast track way of charging someone.

Not been charged in the last ten years, but the threat was made with that twice inside 2 weeks a couple of months ago when I was in the uk by a spineless SSM. Total plick. He was also in the wrong. (Shock horror)
This system i think is agoooood one, however to start the ball rolling i happend to AGAI67 an Airtpr in the Sqn just after the ruling came in. all passed well. (the OC was away)

However a few months on i then AGAI67 a LCpl for failing to follow an order after the said LCpl was told many times and told again(on orders) etc......

Normally i would inform the OC as to what i was doing. he had gone to bed to recover from a night on the piss (normal) so i informed the SSM who could'nt give a Fcuk anyway! He thought he was getting his BIG BADGE, he did'nt ha,ha.......

So i carried out the AGAI action, the said LCpl signed because they new they were in the wrong. No questions!

Next the Fcuking OC came storming into MY office shouting the odds as to why AGAI67 action was taken, I explained and as he walked through the door he said" No body will AGAI 67 anyone while i'm OC" WELL WHAT THE **** IS THE POINT OF IT IF YOU CANT USE IT?". To this day no one in the sqn cares about AGAI67 because we dont use it.

Truthteller, you need to have a word with your SSM, and get him to put the OC in the picture. As far as I know for minor sanctions the OC gets to see the book once a week to make sure 'everything's legal' so you don't drop a bollock when it goes down to RHQ monthly.

If you have constant offenders that the OC won't AGAI what's it going to look like when the soldier really drops you and the Sqn in it.

"It was only his/her first time m'lord they are a fine soldier and will never do it again."

AGAI 67 works fine as long as you take it to the next level when needed and common sense prevails (unless you're in 668 where it's all black and white) ..........oh and obviously your chain of command backs you you back them up.
No Crime is serious enough to take away the pitance that the lads earn. Not even Stealing a 747 and... Well you know the rest.

Jingle Bells Jingle Bells Beastings all the way
Who said anything about money, minor sanctions are exra guards (keep a decent law abiding soldier on leave at weekends, extra work to keep law abiding soldiers on the lash/day off/own time and show parades keeping law abiding soldiers not having to dig out their rooms to locate their 1157.)

All for keeping money in the pocket (or spent on gadgets) and a beasting does work on some people. It's the other mongs that this baby was for.
Agai 67 is a quality system however you should understand....

The Agai 67 enables you as a Jnr Comd/ Comd to award a punishment immeadiately without having to go through a long laborious charge process.

I believe if more JNCO's used it we would have less problem children, effectively taking the piss.

Agai is a godsend and allows, (after you have applied the service test) and a bit of common sense you the commander an opportunity to discipline soldiers with show parades, regimental work and extra duties.

On the flip side it also SHOULD!!! stop commanders taking the piss with punishments as all awards must be reviewed with a deciding officer ...
The old system still lives but youve got to have the right calibre of Air Trooper who is descent enough to say "ok ill get ragged for five mins" or fined a crate of beer, the lesson is still learnt. AGAI67 is only needed for certain individuals who cant just shut up and crack on when given a minor punishment, Which these days is more often than it used to be.
It all depends on the soldiers you have with you and the inherent difficulties they bring. Some come from broken homes, some didn't have very good teachers at school and some still believe in the tooth fairy. As a registered carer and psychologist my view is that if you punch enough of them often enough it becomes the norm and everyone is happy!! No more boring paperwork, no explanation to a dim OC and tops off for all at close of play.

Right.....back to the asylum for me!
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