Agai for not completed deadline - while P0?

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by roserae, Jun 12, 2013.

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  1. Hi
    My partner is currently P0 and off work due to stress that his unit has caused by harassing him and trying to discipline him every time he breathes. He is waiting for his med board date as the MO has advised he is either going to be graded P7perm or P8 due to his illness. He has recently had his first wizviz, and after the meeting his OC came into the room and advised him that she is submitted an Agai as he has failed to meet deadlines she had set (which fell after he had been graded P0). Can she do this? How can he be disciplined for not doing something when he's off sick? Would he have a defence by saying that he's not mentally able to defend himself at present?
    Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Been there done that, worn the T-shirt. Got put on CO's for not doing my job properly. Yeah bit difficult when your legs in plaster and you're on crutches.

    SSM 1 sqn 30 Sigs 1989. Surname starts with T and ends in your still a C*nt. Just in case your reading this and haven't dropped down dead yet.
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  3. What was the outcome?
  4. A massive grudge?
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  5. 24 years of unresolved bitterness, probably?
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  6. I wish my missis would sort out all my admin for me !
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  7. That's the military for you - recently got bollocked for not going on guard - my feeble excuse was I was bedded down with pneumonia. I was prescribed some MTFU pills lovingly wrapped in AGAI 67 paperwork :)
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  8. Fight it, elect to go for summary dealing. What's the worst she can do? Not recommend him for promotion?

    Also start to record everything that goes on, if you feel that he is being harassed put in a service complaint.
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  9. What Dingerr said,

    Not sure if I am right, but a Drs Note which a sick chit is protection in law, we are not crown exempt. You need to check on that first.

    Record everything,

    They AGAId me for a broken lower limb injury, so refused to sign the paperwork and asked for a court martial. Repeatedly.

    The army is full of ******* some end up in command, some of them think a soldier going ill or injured is a prevalent offence that they are committing deliberately. Stick to your guns love,

    good luck hope he gets better soon.

    Have a look at this he may qualify under the Disability discrimination act,

    Sickness absence - Guidance on legal issues
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  10. Thanks for that, she's threatening to demote him to Cpl from Ssgt for it, apparently its a major agai and its already been served.
    I really dont understand how she can do that if he is off sick, surely thats a reasonable excuse for not completing the task? We're recording everything and have been for a couple of months now.

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  11. Porridge_gun

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    Shame he's not here now, your still shit :D
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  12. Fab, thanks for that dtc. He will defo be covered under the DDA as he's diagnosed with PTSD and he's dyslexic as well, both of which are classified as disabilities under the DDA. This is the route of it all, he's already been moved to a less stressful position in the unit and since then the OC has been giving him work that should be done by the Sgnt Maj, and then threatening to discipline him when its a lower standard than she wanted. He asked for support and was told that she would support him by disciplining him every time he does something wrong?! I want to put a harassment/bullying claim in against her but he's a bit worried in case there are repercussions because he's nearly at his 22yr point and it could really affect his pension etc if she pushes it any further.

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  13. It's worked for Danny, what could possibly go wrong?
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  14. Bit off thread but similar vein re Army logic v Fairness/common sense...

    There was a thread on here that included a tale about a Tom with a double barrelled name being put on guard duty but some dopey clerk had put it down as two different bods.

    During Guard mount, said Soldier answers his name and explains to the Duty knob/Orderly Officer, that he thinks there's been a mistake ...I think the outcome was that the 'second part' of his name was nicked/given extras for failure to attend a duty but he (the first part of the name) ended up having to do them as he was one and the same...could be an urban legend but seeing that for years my docs had me down as 1.83m tall when I'm 1.73m, who's to say?
  15. Going against the grain slightly.

    You could always give the other part of the story, for instance: what he was told to do, how long before he was sick was he told to do it, who he told when he realised he couldn't do the task, the importance of said task, who was dicked at short notice to do the task when he didn't....

    Just to add balance to the story ^~
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