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Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by Colonick, Jul 22, 2009.

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  1. Firstly, apologies for such a dull post but without a copy of AGAI 67 to hand I thought I'd ask here.

    Under a Minor Administritive Action what is the maximum amount of time on extra duties that can be awarded?
  2. 5 extra duties maximum
  3. Thanks, is there a limit to the actual hours spent on the extra duties?
  4. Extra duty is one comparable to the crime, however 5 can't be issued out for first offence you have to start at 1 etc etc...... so miss a duty first time 1 extra of the same duty!

    late for work 1 x works parade

    bad order 1 x show parade!
  5. OK, so 3 x 48hr duties for minor insubordination is a tad over the top then?
  6. msr

    msr LE

    You can get AGAI 67 from armynet.

    And to answer your last question. Take it on the chin.

  7. Thats the trouble with crows, if I had gobbed off I would have got knocked about like a rag doll! You little ******* do it and moan about some ******* duties, if you don't like it ??? then dont gob off you cnut! Man Up and Shut Up in future, no **** off and grow a pair
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  9. Oh and by the way insubordination is quite a serious charge under AA1955, lucky you aint going in front of the old man as it is a PREVELANT offence... too crowy to even know what that means is my guess!
  10. No, it's the army reminding you that you're in a disciplined organisation, not the boy scouts. Perhaps you should learn from it before your big mouth earns you an awful lot of concurrent 24hr shifts in the glasshouse.
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  14. The last three posts show exactly the kind of behaviour that got you ADAI'd oh little crow.
  15. yes 3x48hr duties is well over the top and you have every right to contest it, however it will only go upto the SSM who will usually agree with the award!

    the system is flawed and misused by the old fudders who have no grip on reality anymore!