Agai award time

Is there a time limit an agai has to be issued. My boss wants me to agai someone for an offence which happened approx 2 months ago??

Thanks in advance


You can still be charged by the Army up to 6 months after leaving the Forces, so I assume that you have at least 6 months.
I've had a quick look on Dii and in volume 2, chapter 67, administrative action I found this;

Commanders at all levels have a duty to process Administrative Action
casework as quickly as possible. Excessive delay runs counter to the principles of
fairness and those set out in the Military Covenant. However, there will be legitimate
reasons why casework may incur delay. Efficiency of dealing must not, of course, be at the
expense of the completion of a thorough investigation or a careful consideration to arrive
at a proper judgement. The target times at Appendix 8 to Annex D have been designed to
bring a serious case, that is, one requiring the attention of the Army Board, to its
conclusion within 9 months. It should be possible to complete simple cases much more
and this

Exceptional Circumstances. Where the level of command dealing with the case
is unable to meet these timelines then they must request authority to delay, with reasons,
to the next Intermediate Commander. When granted this is to be recorded in the case file.
Such instances might be:
a. Block leave.
b. Illness/absence on the part of an individual(s) vital to the case.
c. Operational deployments (in this instance the case may need to be passed
to another unit or headquarters for process).
d. Should the serviceman be unable to respond within the allotted time they are
at the earliest opportunity, to apply in writing for an extension from the level of
command dealing with the case at that time. If the delay is deemed significant, PS2
(A) is to be informed.
4. Circumstances such as deployments to BATUS and general exercise commitments,
are generally not considered to be sufficient reason to delay the progress of administrative
I should add that the appendix has a list of time limits, the longest being 42 days, Subject to any other specialist investigations being required. Includes 14 days for the serviceman to comment

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