AGAI and holiday!

Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by noob9999, Apr 14, 2011.

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  1. two questions,

    1. if you had a holiday booked with leave approved weeks ago, can i be agaid the day before and given work parades at the weekend meaning i would lose all the money from my holiday?

    2. if a failing for an agai occured on a monday, can the person giving out the agai purposely wait until friday to do the paperwork so they would no longer be able to go home at the weekend in general because of work parades?

    this has happened a lot where i am, 3:55 on a friday, people getting agaid and given parades that evening and the saturday, rail warrants have been lost because of this too.
  2. 1. Leave is a privilege, so yes.

    2. The sanction must be complete within 8 days of which it was awarded.

    Stop dropping yourself in the shit, and you won't have the problem!
  3. I don't think it is anymore.

    Anyone who deliberately 'saves' AGAIs up just to **** people's weekends up is a bit of a ****.
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  4. OK maybe not a privilege, but it is at the discretion of the service!

    If they save the AGAI's up to the weekend, yea a bit of a ****, but depends how much of a **** the crow has been.
  5. Clear case of bullying if done specifically to mess up leave.
  6. Stag on. ...........
  7. I've always been advised to book leave with travel insurance, I've also learned not to **** up near leave! :)

    If you have had your leave approved then your shouldn't be expected to work or have any minor punishments until you return. (This can change at some units if manpower dictates otherwise.)

    What did you do to get AGAI'd?
  8. My best guess would be.

    1. No, that is not acceptable.

    On a personal note, it shows that either:

    a. You a such a tool that people are out to get you.
    b. The bloke you work for is a cnut who likes f'ing people around.

    2. Yes provided it is not done deliberately (which you would need to prove).
  9. I'm pretty sure that "my boss says I've been naughty, and now I have to work the weekend" is a vaild excuse for paying out insurance claims.
  10. I'm sure you'd manage to of wangled it you dodgy twat! ;-)
  11. **** it, if it means that much just thin out and take the resulting AGAI/Charge on the chin when you get back.
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  12. Exactly, go on holiday, get drunk/laid/ tan it up, just remember to bring your boss back a postcard when you return. Then take the punishment on the chin, whats the worst he can do :p
  13. So........what's happened?? I need to know!
  14. 3.55??? Are you sure?
  15. At my last place of work my boss moved on to a SSM position, he plans to carry out all his AGAI/AGAI review cases on a Fri PM. His answer was that if he's at work then the blokes should be. We had a few discussions about it but he wasn't for swaying.
    He isn't a cnut and a faily decent bloke. His attitude was if they fucked up they should be punished