AGAI action for sideburns

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by DB_Cooper, Jul 6, 2011.

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  1. Lads,
    i'm after a bit of advice, one of the senior ranks at my unit has a bit of a hard on at the moment for sideburns insisting blokes bring them up to the middle of the ear and is threatening AGAI action if the blokes do not comply,to be honest i don't think any of the sideburns are that bad and quite a few of the guys are not happy about cutting their sideburns for one night a week.i know it sounds ridiculous but it is affecting attendance as blokes can't be arsed with the bullshit and don't bother turning up.

    anyway thanks in advance and i await your words of wisdom
  2. hahaha seriously?
    what a tool. give him a slap.
  3. He is threatening action. Wait until he actually does anything. He will then find out how much the army really cares about sideburns. Either rather too much or not at all.

    In my public service job I have been told for the last 12 years to wear a tie or face disciplinary action. I have never worn a tie or faced disciplinary action.
  4. 1. Read QRs (or whatever it's called nowadays).

    2. Dry your fucking eyes Princess - One Army and all that.

    3. How pathetic do you sound?

    Can't be bothered to shave them off for one night a week? Jesus Tonight.
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  5. Maybe you could wear a big plaster over your sideburns like the girls / faggots do with their ear piercings, nose rings and whatever else.
  6. Don't forget a shagging haircut.
  7. Threatening AGAI? That's totally wrong.

    He should tell them to get their sideburns clipped and if they don't, then AGAI them. No threats, just do it.

    I once had a problem with a bloke who had a DA. The problem was that it's not specifically prohibited. I mulled it over and decided that as it was tidy and not of an unreasonable length, I'd just ask him to remove it, rather than tell him. Whispering into his ear that I'd really, really prefer him not to parade with it the next day was sufficient. It was gone within half an hour.
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  8. I love it when you're the daddy.

    Sorry for intruding on your TA type thingy.
  9. S'OK, you qualify as you've done TA stuff. Over the years, I've found that the shouty stuff makes people deaf and you just end up shouting louder. Whispering takes people out of their comfort zone.
  10. I find that the "I am so disappointed in you" thingy works just as well. If you shout at someone, they just hear noise and switch off. It doesn't work.

    Oh, and he wasn't TA for that long!!!!
  11. It was a DI Trg Thing, I had to look after them anyhoo.
  12. I like AGC. If you give them the impression that they're indispensible, they'll do anything for you. Still waiting for this coffee and biscuits, though. What does your replacement need bribing with?
  13. If my replacement doesn't give you biccies and coffee I will find out who they are and tell them exactly who you are. You won me over with Aussie Hair Insurance.

    Oh and don't forget the briefs on a Tuesday Morning. If they have nacked that up I will not be happy - and no-one likes an unhappy Slug.

    P.S. I always gave you the best biccies. I may or may not have got them from the Navy chefs but if you don't ask, you don't get.
  14. No you didn't. I didn't get a single coffee or biccy. My fault, admittedly, because I couldn't stop for more than 5 minutes and a fag in the snow took precedence...

    Did you spend any time in your office, or were you resident in the smoking area?
  15. I echo the Snail on this,

    Remind me it's usually TA bods that regulary moan they don't get treated like the rest of the Field Army,

    Grow some & deal with it...
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