AGAI 70 (Redress of complaints)


Hello All.

I submitted an AGAI 70 back in January about some individuals outside my Unit and handed it to the 2IC who was acting CO at the time. He sat on it for 2 weeks and then sloped it to the Adjt when he returned from Ops.

I have asked for sitreps on this complaint several times only to get bluffed off. I am now in the process of clearing from this Unit to return to the UK and have been informed that I will not get a CR until the AGAI 70 complaint has been resolved.

I'm getting the distinct feeling that the chain is waiting for me to clear off so they can 'File 13' my complaint.

Can any of you wise and wonderful people out there advise me on what steps I can take to resolve this situation.

Many Thanks


You'll have to go into a bit more detail than that if you want a specific answer to your problem.

How can your complaint about 'some individuals outside my unit' affect when your ACR is served upon you?

If they withhold your ACR because of it, you have the right to redress them for doing so. THey cannot hold onto your ACR until another issue is matter what they tell you. You'll need to get them to tell you why they have taken this decision, do it in writing and copy it to your Unit EOA. Make up a file containing the details of what has happened to date, keep a copy for yourself and hand a copy to your Unit EOA.

If you are leaving your unit on posting, they are obliged to serve your ACR on you before you leave, unless there is a reasonable excuse not to, i.e., Entire Unit on Ops.

You may be right about your suspicions. Classic sign of weak management.


I cant really go into too much detail as people who are involved look at this forum.

The 'Individuals outside my Unit' refers to a retired Officer at my Corps HQ, and a Major and a WO1 at an ACIO.

Between the 3 of them they properly ###### up a posting causing a huge amount of personal/career aggravation, which is why I thought the AGAI 70 process was the way ahead.

As part of the redress sought, I requested an inclusion on my CR stating why I'd been sat on me arrse for the last 8 months waiting for a posting that was never going to happen due to their lack of administrative action.

After a meeting yesterday afternoon, It has been explained that this is the reason that my Unit are witholding my CR - fair enough, but why am I still waiting for a sitrep on an AGAI I submitted 43 working days ago?

It appears that my chain of command and the 3 individuals concerned have closed ranks and are waiting for me to go away.

Do you know how I can push the AGAI 70 complaint ahead?? I have already submitted a follow-up letter to the Receiving Officer only to get no reply. If I can get the AGAI resolved, I get my ACR - problem solved.

Many thanks for your points so far.


Don't worry about the AGAI, concentrate on your ACR, that's more important right now. If you are due your ACR now or that date has passed, particularly if there's a promotion board looming, they are with holding the document unfairly and probably to your detriment. You really need to get in and see your EOA mate. Don't f*ck about with this. I can't see why, other than for the purposes of arrse covering, that they are holding your ACR back. It could be that they'll stick it to you if you leave the matter as it is (I wouldn't put it past today's 'management). They can't hold back you ACR if you're the guilty bugger let alone when you are the complainant. That just smacks of underhandedness and spite.

You don't need advice on the net mate, you need to get it officially. They're not allowed to do this to you. And by telling you that's why they are doing it, they've shot themselves in the foot. They should also respond to your concerns. You've enough to submit redress now if they continue on this line.

Get down your UEA mate. Today. Make sure that you are right and that you have all the facts and figures. Don't worry so much about the AGAI, it really is your ACR that you should be concerned about right now.

PM me if you want to discuss it further.
Anytime you want to prove events or letters exist send them registered by the post office. As they've to sign that they've recieved them, to help with your non-reply


That sounds like good advice to me Mr Biscuits -

I'm leaving this unit tomorrow morning and this being a Weds afternoon, I'll probably find the EOA playing golf with the RCMO so I'll try and get hold of him before I go tomorrow.

Its been pointed out to me today that If this ACR is delayed to such an extent that it misses the next board, I could claim a career foul - would you concur with that point??

I'll be off this means for a few days whilst transiting back to the UK but may take you up on the PM offer when I establish comms in the UK.

Once again - many thanks for the sound advice, (and you commando)

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