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Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by JOHN982, Dec 17, 2008.

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  1. Just wondering if anyone can tell me what the correct procedure is for agai 67 ! basically i had a conversation with my ssm 3 months ago with regards to sideburns i asked him if it's true that queens regs doesn't actually mention them !! he got a little excited an told me that RLC dress Regs does an that i had to take mine up to the centre of the ear (which i did ) now today i have been told i am going to be agai'd 3 months down the line however my line manager will not tell me what for an the only thing i have done wrong in 3 months is have slightly longer sideburns than RLC Dress Regs states. Can i be agai'd aftter this long a period ?? an should i not have been informed at the time that this agai action was to folow ?? please help as i am sure 90 days later is a little extreme !!!!
  2. You obviously did something wrong, speak to your 'line manager' and ask him/her why you're being AGIA'd.

    (what the fcuk is a line manager? Is your boss a civvie?!?)
  3. the 3months can be put down to the investigation time in order to see if u have failed the service test
  4. asked my line manager ( ssgt) but he said he does not know !! all i did wrong was ask whats the score on sideburnes ?? once told to take them up i did it straight away !!! 90 days to decide seems a long time i thought 30 days was max for a CO to decide this agai i am being done for is a minot sanction so i have been told
  5. 3 months to determine whether he trimmed his sidies back?

    I doubt it.

    Speak to the NCO that told you that you were being AGIA'd, ask him/her to explain why you are being AGIA'd, if you don't get a satisfactory answer then sit ack, wait for the punishment and then ask for it to be reviewed. It will either be upheld, reduced or quashed.
  6. Administrative Action.

    AGIA 67


    Apply the Service Test-

    "Have the actions or behaviour of a serviceman adversely impacted or are they likely to impact on the efficiency or operational effectiveness of the Army?"

    Decide the case, award minor sanction, record in coy/sqn/bty file on a minor sanctions form.

    That's it.
  7. Why because i don't agree with being agai'd 3 months after for something ie. sideburns ?? (to which i took up that very day ) and it's not a nco who is agai'ing me i am in front of the 2ic for a minor sanction !!!! i have never neen agai'd before so i just wanted to know the procedure not argue about things .....
  8. Read my last post, that is the procedure.

    And the link I posted ref your last request about AGIA's mentions "one of MY lads...." implying you are an NCO, therefore(if you are an NCO) you should know the procedure.
  9. Hi there and thank you Develish your right i am a NCO but i have never had cause to AGAI someone an to be honest i think going off my own pending AGAI it does not seem to be that good of a system if it takes 3 months to get round to punishing someone for Sideburns !!!!!
  10. In case you haven't noticed, the Army is a very busy place to be at the moment, therefore your SSM is probably a very busy man/woman. If it took 3 months to admin a minor sanction then that's what it took.

    In my experience SSM's don't like it when JNCO's start quoting Queens Regs to them.
  11. I do believe it is an offence in Queens regs to quote/question them to a senior Officer.

  12. Can I quote you on that?

  13. It isnt

    But there are regs regarding sidies. (I know this because my SSM wanted a navy lad to trim his and the lad produced the paperwork to show that the navy don't have to to have them as short as the army).
    To the original poster you don't sound like a NCO otherwise you would have realised that trying to be a smartarse around an SSM doesn't work very often.
  14. Remember with AGAI67 the punishment has to fit the crime therefore show parade to show sideburns trimmed job done.
    And if i am not mistaken 1st offence requires a verbal warning!!!