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Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by junkfood, Nov 27, 2007.

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  1. can a reviewing officer increase a punishment for minor sanctions

    and when given extra duties how long have i got to serve them

    manny thanks
  2. Take the punishment like a man you weasely little fucktard, and if you're lucky the extras will be completed by Xmas. If the rest of your unit is lucky, you'll be stagging on through to New Year's. I hope the latter is the case, that way you can contribute to your unit for a change, and will have ample opportunity to consider your "can I get out of it by playing the Barrack room lawyer" attitude.

    What's the matter, did someone tell you that you've got rights?

    Now go away.
  3. And yes, the reviewing Officer CAN increase punishment. Don't question your superiors, they'll fcuking garotte you.
  4. You cnut!

    How fcuking dare you sit on the fence at a time like this. Now respond again and tell him what you really think. Like this:

    HAHA You're going to be stagging on over christmas!
  5. Hang on, I've just been Waah'd havent I? Nobody with any common sense would post this in the NAAFI.

  6. bunch of twats
  7. If i hve got like 10 extras over chrimbo, can i like do part of them before and part after. dont mind doing the new year as i hate drinking its the chrimbo bit, i want to go home.
  8. That's a bit mean spirited isn't it Junky? You asked a question and received an answer. What's you problem?

    What was your crime, what was your punishment, and what was it increased to?
  9. Take no notice of the nasty man

    if you can not cope with it have a word with your barrack room lawyer i am sure that they will sort the problem out and offer you some sound advice or alternatively you can take the punishment and get on with it, what organisation do you think you volunteered to join. You cnut.
  10. But don't get caught, its a crime then..
  11. Oooh do you feel all manly and assertive now?

    I bet you got a chubb on just typing it you naughty little NFS :wink:
  12. "manny thanks" Taking liberties with the Queens English Eh! Parade behind the guard tonight in best kit and show your spelling.

    In my day you would have been flogged, of course this was all trees here back then, and my puttees went all the way up to my neck.
  13. well said that man.

    if you can't do the time ..... dont do the crime ... etc and all the rest of the bllox

    take it on the chin
  14. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Oh I don't know, we've not just been AGAI'd 5 weeks before Christmas. Looser. :roll:
  15. No, the Reviewing Officers' options are to uphold, mitigate or quash the award. (AGAI 67, Annex C, Para 20).

    They can be served when the awarding commander decides, normally within 7 days. (AGAI 67, Annex C, Para 19).