agai 67

one of my lads got into a bit of bother in january of this year for drunken dissorderlay.he has been informed today out of the blue that after almost 10 months he is facing agai 67 action ,i don't know which minor/major but surely after this period he cannot be dealt with ???? thanks
depends on the 'offence''

if it was a slap on th wrist your pi$$ed go to bed night, then no

if hes smashed up the barracks then pending investigation then possibly...
or if he's played up again and its the same offence, then yes but agai for the new offence, not the warning back in jan
he went to court the morning after an got a £120 fine he has been in no bother since this daft incident.but 10 months i heard a major sanction by the army board should be dealt within 9 months.
if it has been dealt with then its a shut case, so nothing more will come of it
so if the civilian authoroties dealt with it does this mean he cant be disciplined or will they get him on the old BRINGING THE ARMY INTO DISREPUTE balls???
You cant be charged by the army and civilian court for the same thing, unless these factors :

1. The indescretion wasnt mentioned or brought to the attention of the badge, and its just bit him and therefore the subject on the arse

2. It's brought the army into disrepute (which if the badge was aware of 9 months ago, would have been dealt with)
he told all the people who needed to know that he had to attend court an also brought the paperwork in from court but like i said this was 10 months ago surely it can't be dealt with now ??
nope your right

ld check with your SSA though, for current procedures.

l could be wrong. But mostly lm not :)
well thanks for your input ,i was young once and very silly if the young lad mentioned had not said anything to the unit they would be none the wiser but because he's honest it seems it will rear it's ugly head and bite him!!!!!
There is a huge issue with the "double punishment" of a Major AGAI 67 as well as a civillian court punishment.
However ALS sidestep the issue by saying the AGAI action is not for the civillian offence but for failing the "Services Test". Nice little bit of legal shuffling.
As for time elapsed (on a Major AGAI) this can be taken into account by the Originating and Deciding Officer and they may see fit to award a lesser sanction than is recommended in the AGAI Booklet.

Drunk and disorderly would fall under a medium sanction (serious misconduct) as a minor criminal offence.
Recommended punishments range from Letter of Displeasure to reduction in Rank.

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