AGAI 67?

Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by Cavalier, Apr 2, 2007.

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  1. Can anyone offer any advice on issuing these badgers?

    I’ve read the paperwork on issuing an AGAI, and the person in question falls well within the remit to be served.

    What’s the score on putting a recruit (TA) on report? I know if I serve said AGAI, it would probably get quashed at Unit level.

    The paperwork’s not too clear as to what needs to be done? Who sets the punishment? (I’m pushing for no jollies for three months; only weekends relevant to recruit training) which should be the standard anyway!!!

    Who needs to be involved?
  2. My experience is with the Regs only; suggest you repost in the TA forum!

  3. This sounds like you want to issue a 3 month warning order which is a formal sanction - albeit at the lowest end of the spectrum. Sqn/Coy comd would normally issue this and it would stipulate remedial action reqd to rectify an identified problem. It would be hard to word the warning in such a way as to preclude a TA soldier from attending additional work, but it could be worded in such a away that he had to attend the relevant recruit training within a given period or face further action such as discharge.

    If this is not what you were thinking of then you are way out of order as there are no other AGAI 67 sanctions that are appropriate to what you seem to be wanting in way of a 'punishment'.

    Bottom line - your Adjutant should advise you on this.
  4. If you are asking these questions, I would suggest that you should not be handing out AGAIs, go to your adj for advice.

    Is it not easy to take round back for some non-bruising re-education!
  5. Old style re-education has become problematic especially with TA soldiers and quite frankly AGAI 67 is designed for Regular use. When it comes to discipling a TA soldier you really do need to use your imagination to "make the punishment fit the crime" or better yet instill into your recruits from Day 1 a high degree of self disciplne (not that difficult, after all they all want to be there).