Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by polar, Aug 7, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone know of a simple (downloadable) guide for this?

    Read a few threads on the subject a while ago, including the full doc but started to feel sleepy as I got towards the end.

  2. Qu-est ce que c'est AGAI?

    I have seen it mentioned in a few places, but dont know wtf it means.
  3. C'est la new system for being charged (not that I understood the old one).

    The full instruction can be found on AGAI 67 !Explained

    I've just found the link, read up, gone for a fag, read it again and realised I'd got it wrong! Was thinking verbal warning came first but found I'd got its meaning wrong (as I was trying to relate practise to civilian world i.e. verbal warning followed by action but the army has minor punishments first)

    p.s. A LCpl can issue a minor sanction against a Pte/Sig but not a Recruit (confusingly called Pte in Sigs until not a recruit).
  4. AGAI 67 is pant,s . Ruins peoples careers.....
    Bring back the slap , people knew where they stood....
  5. I was told on my Cpls' course ( last august seems such a long time ago subtle hinty hint hint ) that AGAI67 would work in the TA just as well as it does in the regs. Can't see someone attending the next parade nights after been hit with one though somehow. The only time I saw a guy charged in the TA was on annual camp when he lost his chit in leui

    "Don't worry mate" I says to him in Blighty, he'd only had it for about 5 hours before he lost it, "they'll never check"

    Sorry about that kiddo, mind you pan bash is charactor building !!
  6. Polar, probably not what you're after but check your PMs.

  7. Thats it, I get the impression that minor punishments such as pan bash etc now have to AGAI'd, otherwise they are illegal or wrong.

    Or have I got the wrong end of the stick. Seems to be a lot of confusion, I recently threatened someone with a charge and I wasn't sure if I could do under the AGAI system (although I am now). Asking around it seemed that most SNCO's didn't know either.

    Not sure about AGAI affecting careers, minor sanctions and oral warning, shouldn't be taken into account when writing CR's, unless I've got it wrong.
  8. I've had a look at the paperwork, an introduction and a brief description of where an AGAI should be inforced found HERE
  9. I think that process is something a Pln Comd or OC would use, JNCO's just need to be aware of what they can and can't do.

    Also as TA, most of these actions aren't likely to occur, so really a aide memoire is needed for JNCO's to help them. The doc is talking about all levels of punishments, it breads confusion
  10. Agreed, I've just eyeballed some of the docs and it does appear that way.

    In a nut shell, you can AGAI someone of lower rank, the punishment needs to be agreed by C/SSM and reviewed by the OC.

    Still, I can't find anything on what punishment is suitable for what misdemeanour!? I'm guessing a verbal has to be issued (i.e. "If I catch you wearing your kit down the high street again, you'll be up on a charge") and then the more formal AGAI issued if repeated??

    My Unit has a great social aspect to it, but that means that the JNCO's aren't seen as authoritative figures (except perhaps, those on the Recruit Training team).
  11. Exactly, even that is difficult, it has to be against the code of conduct, if the soldier was scruffy/misbehaving then its easy, their bringing the army into disrepute and AGAI, but if their smart and just walking through town then it gets a little tricky (expecially if they're not being paid by the army)

    Wonder why I posted this in the first place :twisted: :twisted:
  12. Your CSM/SSM is responsible for educating SNCO/JNCO's on AGAI67. Comds get to go on a very interesting (NOT) 3 day mandatory cse on implementation and use.

    Funnily enough, ALS (Army Lawyers) are encouraging prolific use of AGAI 67 sancations, not least because the Sub-Unit has to keep a record of them. Theory goes along the lines of (and it does make sense) people are fed up hearing the whinge that Pte X is a total Mong always doing this/that, why isn't something done about it? Well Major Action cannot be taken against said individual unless there is an audit trail that demonstrates a history of the problem.

    AGAI 67 can/does work in the TA in exactly the same manner as Summary Dealing works if necessary, but neither should be abused. A soldier worth his salt will turn up and face the music if charged, one who runs away and fails to attend is no loss to the Unit and the Unit is better off if his/her kit is handed in. Use leadership and teamwork first, and disciplinary powers only as a last resort. Heck, we've had people continue to attend after having been dealt with by Court Martial!

    Nuff said!
  13. Just read a similar thread on the Sigs forum, apparently some LCpls are issuing AGAIs to enhance their promotion prospects!
  14. Being stupid ruins peoples careers, not a piece of paper.