Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by roseandpose, Mar 29, 2006.

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  1. Any opinions to share about the new Administrative Action?

    Fairer than the previous summary hearing, d'ya reckon?
  2. Nah, id still bop anyone trying to 67 me....apart from if it was a girl...

    Oh, 67

    I thought you meant 69

    Silly me!
  3. i prefer the 68.

    that's where she gives you a blowjob, and you owe her one ;)
  4. 70s not bad either!
  5. Its no better than the AA55 Sect 69. AGAI67 means you can be done for anything, by anyone, and found guilty even if you are 100% innocent. It is stacked against you, it is crap, ALS dont support you and its a f***ing nightmare, I know, I got stitched up good and proper and I WAS not guitly. Absolutely pointless fighting it.
  6. If you want to pick on someone you don't like, then AGAI67 them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. ^ Nobody's ever guilty.... tisk tisk tisk....
  8. At a certain regt, the RSM wanted his NCO's to fill a quota, by giving people 67 action. One of my mates got AGAI'd for sorting out his resettlement during a quite period in work.
  9. Once upon a time, a long time ago, in a land similar to this, there was an army. That army had a discipline process for soldiers who misbehaved, not big misdemeanours (for them you had to go in front of the big boss), just every day fu*k ups. Fu*k ups like being late for a parade, having dirty boots, not doing as you are told or just generally being a c*nt (we shall call him Fred).

    At that time there where many ways with dealing with Fred, some naughty (a slap round the head), some physical (running with items above the head, press ups etc), however, a common way of dealing with Fred was to give him “extra’s”. These extra’s were normally given in a random almost haphazard way and the amount was at the discretion of the purveyor. It could be quite a game with the rolling of dice, the selection of numbers or other such method.

    Regardless of the award, Fred generally accepted his punishment (although with a raging sense of injustice), because it was better than being charged and it was in lieu of all the times he had been a c*nt and got away with it. Miscarriages did happen, but that’s life.

    As time went on, Fred become disgruntled with his lot, nothing was ever his fault, he couldn’t see why he had to do stuff he didn’t want to do and in general wouldn’t accept the nasty mans instant justice. He started to take his grievance to the all powerful, terrible King known as the European Court of Justice in the Kingdom of the European Union. Eventually the kingdom passed rules, these became known as the Human Rights Act, and overnight changed the way the army did business.

    The army moved into the dark ages, only the big boss could deal with anyone and it had to be done in a formal manner with a small rain forest of paperwork accompanying each case. Junior commanders and even more senior ones became higher paid Freds. It took an enormous amount of effort to discipline anyone for anything, therefore people started to turn a blind eye. The results where disastrous. The only saving grace at this time was the fact that units were spending more times in the land of operations, where common sense prevails and Fred could be controlled.

    In recent times the army has tried to readdress the balance with AGAI 67. Once again junior commanders can award minor punishments for Fred being a c*nt. Yes there is a paper chain required, however, this protects both Fred and the punisher. It also provides documentary evidence to assist in the award of 3 month warning orders and ultimately SNLR. Additionally minor misdemeanours are rationalised and awards are even handed i.e. Fred in Sect 1 gets the same punishment as Fred in Sect 2 for dirty boots (for a first time offence).

    Finally, with a bit of paperwork effort, JNCO’s/SNCO’s can start to function again (unfortunately there is a generation who need to be re-taught) and not just be a higher paid Pte. And we can all live happily ever after.

    AGAI 67 is not perfect, however (IMHO) it is a “Giant Leap” in the right direction. Its just such a pity there is a lack of understanding in its true purpose.
  10. pretty much agree. but wasn't it SOOOO much easier the old way?
  11. CAARPS - wot a load of bolox. I got AGAI'd for an allegation (i.e. something not proven) and it took FOUR months to sort out because the 'management' closed ranks to pr......enough said. Hang on while I put on my foil hat !! Ah thats better, no negative waves.
  12. Does it really matter what we think about it or the older and failed "Summary Dealings" or Section 69 of the AA............
    At the end of the day it will get replaced by something else in a couple of years when some barrack room lawyer
    threatens to take it all the way to the ECHR and we (well not me cause I'll be long gone) have to go through
    another re-education package................Bring out the pink cotton wool and baby wet wipes.......

    Its a common saying and lets say it together.........."CHANGE IS NOT GOOD".
  13. I've been done a couple of times and to be honest while I agreed that the extras were warranted, sometimes I can't help but feel that without AGAI67, there would have been more of a slapped wrist. I've heard of people being done with 67 for stupid stupid stuff - not in our illustrious corps thankfully. I agree that it protects the soldier from higher forms of punishment but at the same time, I think that some people are too keen to use it where a bollocking or such like would better fit.
  14. Yes, AGAI me then....

    There is always a time when no one is looking, when you are out on a run, when in the gym a 20 pound weight will bounce of a knee.... go on then punk.... make my day!
  15. is this the same new AGAI 67 that came into action 1 Jan 05?

    good to see the int-corps is satying current.

    pulse, finger....send Sitrep over??