Agai 67?

Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by greenmachine, Jan 22, 2006.

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  1. what do you think of the new Agai system? i would much prefer being taken round the side of the garages and given a kicking for fcuking up.
  2. Give us a grid then.
  3. So your an admin case then. Allways fcuking up. Aye, tell us what garages then! :)
  4. no i never fcuk up im the no one wouldd dare try to give me a kicking
  5. plus i thought this was a forum not a smarmy remark chat site?
  6. Is greenmachine overdue MEI?

    Fetch me a 12" adjustable..
  7. Are you for real?

    At present approximately 13000 people ( ARRSE members ) are wanting to kick the craphat out of you. In fact, if your mother reads this she'll want a slice of the action too.

    You utter cnut.

  8. Wanna bet
  9. Apparently there are WOI's within the Core that have found this a useful tool to bully people into doing what they want.
    Gone are the days of giving an order and having it carried out, it seems to be, do it or I will agai you.
  10. Hard core not Corps
  11. Is that because you are a compensation claim waiting to happen, or because you would talk their glass eyes to sleep trying to find an excuse for them not to? :D
  12. Course you are. I diagnose a 20l water jerry can to the head whilst I attempt to pass it to you from the top of a 43. Job sorted and no kicking involved!!!!!!!!!

    However I would certainly AGAI you for your spelling efforts and lack of grammer.
  13. Please tell me you're being ironic! :D
  14. Is this the queue STG?
  15. Ladies, ladies handbags please. 8O