Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by SuperSapper, Mar 12, 2010.

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  1. Yeah its one of them horrible things.

    Some stripeys got the arse with me and is determined to AGAI me, he tried doing me for speeding this morning but because I denied it and he couldnt prove it it got squashed, now hes trying it on with me having an insecure load in the back of a van.. which admitidtly it was insecure, but maybe thats because it was empty cardboard boxes going down to the skip?

    Anyone got any advice on what to do?... taking it on the chins not an option for me now ive had enough of this fat waste of space thats only in because he wants his pension.
  2. speak to your troop staffy or ssm???
  3. Yeah there is that option but both are on exercise at the moment and not due back for a couple of weeks
    From experiance in the army if a Sgt sais something and a Sapper sais something else then obviously the Sappers lieing. I dont want to lie down and take it but i also dont want to look like a prick :-(
  4. Can you not get whoever gave you the job to confirm that they were empty boxes?

    Although it's posts like this that remind me about some of the reasons I had for signing off - it's frustrating when some stupid, fat, middle aged bloke with three stripes takes a dislike to you.

    I had that happen once, when my Sqn were on tour... This guy wasn't even in the same Sqn as me. I think he got bored in the end.
  5. Do you have drama's with other NCO's or is it just this one in particular? It will be particularly telling if it is just the latter. Does he also indulge in this type of behaviour with other Tom's?

    There must be another more senior point of contact, like a stand-in SSM or similar.

    Keep a good documented account of each threat he makes (Time, date & nature of alleged offence etc.). For your own personal records and also as a log in case you end up on OC's orders because of it.

    I was never AGAI'd in my time but I do believe you have to sign for them, just refuse to sign until your seniors return from exercise.
  6. Maybe I'm missing the point, but do nothing wrong and no SSM worth his salt would sanction any AGAI/summary dealing etc.

    My top tip would be to do your best in your role and let your JNCO prove "beyond all reasonable doubt" to the contrary!
  7. same as mate, one sgt didn’t like me, I got AGAI'd for being 5 minutes late, despite going to his office 30 minute early to explain I would be late, AGAI later and lots of sulking from me,
    1 week later some lads in the bloke kicked in some doors pissed absolutely nothing from the same Snr,

    at this point I really wanted to go to the badge, but I didn’t I just waited and another lad did instead and I back his claim up, with my claim as well.

    said snr is now side stepped away missed his promotion and is in some hole and I’m please :)
  8. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Sign it and state that you want it reviewed. This will delay any action until you SSM gets back and then that gives you the chance to explain your side.
  9. Don't sign it. refuse and explain you are waiting till your SSM returns to put your side of the story.

    By the way, were you speeding?
  10. I have managed (somehow) to survive 22 years in this mans army. I have had more than my fair shair of discipline (given and taken) and there are always two sides to a story.

    My advice would be to speak to your CoC, there are more than a few personalities that you can speak to if you are disgruntled in any way. Better still, there is AGAI 70 -Management and Resolution of Complaints, its a formal system that is very effective and is staffed correctly and without prejudice.
  11. No i never have any problems with anyone else he did me not long ago for litternig, even though i explained i dropped the bags off in a rush because I had to give the van back and was trurning straight away (less than 5 minuites) to dispose of them correctly.

    I honestly recon hes bored, hes the accomodation SNCO for the camp and I know how boring that can be.

    menace56 your right I get on great with my SSM and he wouldnt do that however that only works if hes the authorizing officer. Its when SNCO have JNCO write an AGAI so they can be the authorizing officer that you get screwed over. Unless anyone knows if I can contest the authorizing officers decision and who it would go to after that?

    My favoroute AGAI was when I was detatched to a field troop and the ssgt AGAI'd me for breaking my ankle on AT and not letting him know. Even though the guard room and the duty ROO were both informed?

    Anyway i digress...
  12. SNCO tasking JNCO to AGAI is a cop out on the SNCOs part. It still has to go in an AGAI register with the SSM. He is the overall responsibility for discipline within your sub-unit.

    Staff it up mate, it is just bullying......
  13. Yeah its not the first time its happened and is one of my biggest gripes, I just thought it was the way the system worked. Il mention it when it comes up.
  14. I have held a discipline post, I attended the adjutants course and I have taught AGAIs to JNCO, SNCO and WO level and my experience is that AGAI 67 is good, not by any stretch perfect, but a step in the right direction. Even this far down the line, there are still loop holes in the system, but if we don't use the AGAI 70 system, it won't get any better.

    Remember, quiet kids don't get toffees!!
  15. So was the guy I was talking about - although I'm sure he would have been promoted and changed jobs in 5 years...