So far I have not had the pleasure of invoking this rule, I prefer other methods. But with persistant offenders within my workplace seem undeterred by this and also know what they can expect each time. 5 show parades etc.
A constant offender has been informed 3 AGAI's and your on a 3 month bender. Reoffened in this time and they are posted internally.
Can they do this. Surely for little things eg late for parade, hands in pockets ........ etc. Is this a bit over the top.
Sorry KK but they can, and will.

The whole point of AGAI 67 is put discipline, or lack of it, back onto the agenda. For persistant offenders can now been seen at a glance by CSM's/OC because of the register kept to record each action taken under the new rules. If your name appears too often additional action under the OC's powers, such as a three/sixth month report can be ordered. AGAI 67 doesn't give the OC this new additional power it just allows him to justify any action he may take to the CO.
this is very true .my tp staffy called all the full screws together for a little chat . he asked why we on the shop floor hadnt used agai 67 on any of the troops.he also reminded us that it was brought in 01/01/05. and that he wanted people agai67!! . i was gobsmacked . and so was every full screw there . the lads that i work with are second to none and to start this agai 67 for no particular reason , would just demoralise the men . if there is a blatent reason then it will be used.
Whooo just what we need another AGAI67 thread. Right sweepstake till how long somebody mentions Blandford, berets or techs. I got 3 days.

AGAI67 is a good thing when used properly. Telling people to use it for the sake of using it is highly pointless and someody should shoot whoever gave that order.
Thebull140 said:
Right sweepstake till how long somebody mentions Blandford, berets or techs. I got 3 days.
Tech = Whining school kids....... well at Blandford at least ....... y can tell by the way they shape their berets!!! (winna!!! less than 3 days!!!) :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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