Agai 67 - whats its opposite?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BIPOLAR77, Jun 10, 2013.

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  1. Sat on my arrse in the office as I no longer can be arrse'd to go on first parades (de-kitted is the main reason)

    My Cpl told me how the SSM was rollocking the SNCOs to AGAI 67 more people. Why? does he have a quota to meet?

    So it got the grey matter electrically firing. Is there an AGAI where we can reward or commend a soldiers action, I'm not all into saving it up for an SJAR moment for the guy.

    Where possible I reward my guys with early knock offs and a sports afternoon, a piss up where I pay the drinks tab (yes I have done it (bloody expensive lol)

    Shouldn't there be a mechanism whereby smiley faces for a job well done can be recorded?
  2. My God, you really are winding down for civvy street aren't you? Whatever happened to the old dit about the Yanks giving wounded soldiers a medal while the Brits give them remedial fieldcraft lessons?
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  3. Steven

    Steven LE

    star-great-job.jpg well_done_star_sticker-rbd78220d92d944d9b1e3076b4719580e_v9w09_8byvr_512.jpg

    Just give them one of those. I'm sure they will appreciate it.
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  4. TBH I wound down after year 11 of my Army service and started resettling.

    Do you think there SHOULD be an alternative?

    Might ask my local MP to raise the point in the HoC
  5. dixie-basher

    dixie-basher War Hero

    Giving the lads an early stack - Yes. Paying for a piss up - Yes.

    Smiley Faces and Gold Stars. No.
  6. There is a system in place for rewarding people, I've not seen it that often myself but I've definately seen others benefit from this system. Its called "Promotion"
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  7. LEFTY478

    LEFTY478 War Hero

  8. Fat_Cav

    Fat_Cav LE

    Dish out the fellatio.

    Goes down well everywhere and even the non-hermers can't resist a nosh
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  9. Your SSM sounds like a top bloke.
  10. dixie-basher

    dixie-basher War Hero

    "Top bloke" meaning total cunt?
  11. and the ssm is ginger to boot
  12. Why yes, very much so.
  13. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    How about AGAI Vol 1 Chap 11....?

    In Bavaria of course.

    That's merely a suggestion. Most of us don't need rewards - serving is reward enough.
  14. Ho2331

    Ho2331 LE

    Am nicking that.

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  15. From personal experience, doing a good job and working extra hard meant being given more work as you clearly had extra capacity.
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