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canteen_cowboy said:
In all my years in I actually never seen anyone "taken round the back" there were alternative punishments to dished out and taken, some very inventive, some mundane "extras" usually given out by other SNCO's who just liked to fill out their duty lists nominees, rather than actually do some work that was fair to all on them.

The gobby crow. gungy git or whoever who would not listen or try to amend their ways and fit in with the rest were more often than not sorted by the toms themselves.or were usually seen on OC's orders every month or so., and most times charges were from JNCO's not stripies.

In my experience generally, these types didn't last more than one posting/earliest sign off date.Are they lasting longer these days with all the tours etc going on, is there less BS whilst in camps? I guess and would hope so anyway.

Again in my experience most troubled times with "wayward" soldiers was in camp and they were bored with daily routine/standard camp BS. well it was cold war times couldn't have ruskies invading BAOR and the litter was bad in camp
Agreed, I never saw anybody punched in what is known as old school and I joined in 1984.

I left before this AGAI thing became a problem.

Discipline is simple, you control their time, make them work until they wind their neck in. There is always a million jobs that need doing.

The cliches of you are in your own time now and my dinner is a salad have resonance for a reason. Keep the jumped up scrote there until they fold, but it requires your force of personality and commitment to match the little tyke by being there as well.

I never came across anyone who argued more than a weekend when they had to parade behind the guard hourly until dawn. They may be gobshites but you have to match them, even if it means turning up every hour to inspect and find fault with their dress.
The quickest way to deal with a gob shi'ite is to hit them where it turns i.e. their wallet or their free time. Take away somebodys weekend and they soon start paying more attention.
Many years ago in Hong Kong, offenders in my unit used to be paraded in working dress outside the OC's office by the sargeant major first thing in the morning so that the OC, a wartime MC would offer the miscreants instant awards before he walked into his office. eg.. Smith! you were involved in a punch up with the redcaps last night guilty or not? guilty? OK do you accept my punishment? severe reprimand do the paperwork sgt maj! ..... and that was it. No wasting time getting into best dress etc., ....... funnily enough it was never questioned and seemed to work even if it broke the rules. If the culprit pleaded not guilty then he was made to do the formal bit - best dress and "march the guilty basterd in Sgt Maj" It was an independant unit and the OC was very protective of his lads from outsiders. . We had unusual punishments as well, on one occasion the lads were skylarking and one threw a bucket of water that splashed the Sgt Maj who ordered the offender to be tied to a lamp post and fire hosed for 10 minutes, then left there for the lunch break. No joke as it got cold in winter in Hong Kong. A very cohesive and happy unit. Cannot see that happening these days.

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