Agai 67 Majour Action by OC

Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by gyros02, May 21, 2012.

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  1. If on an organised troop day out and you shove a sgt of your seat as a wo2 when he was drunk and messing about then he strikes you & you dont retaliate and are assaulted by another sgt and still you dont retaliate but walk away and report it but are then warned for agai67 majour action having had an imaculate conduct record & lsgc. Were do you stand? can ls&gc Medal be lost? All 3 concerned are put on orders how bad is it for the wo2 who reported it and had the moral courage implying values & standards but was silly to shove sgt of his seat as he fell on floor then asaulted the wo2.
  2. Crikey! Two today. I'm not getting on a military coach. You lot go mental!
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  3. You go to the ARRSE site issues thread because some bloke has exactly the same problem as you ^~
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  4. You have not got a leg to stand on.
  5. Anyone getting a feeling of Deja Vu?
  6. am i seeing double? OP? are you going to let me skull **** you? ducky
  7. Two geezers hit another geezer and the other geezer acts the grown up and walks away?
    Royal Regiment of Hermers?
  8. does anyone on here give serious answers or is it just a forum to the the ?
  9. One word; Punctuation.

    Your post has made my eyes bleed.

    Personally I think that the WO2 is a spineless homo for not chinning him back, or letting it go. "Grassing" him up after the event is childish, and pointless.
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  10. 6878340-businessman-committing-suicide-with-a-sword--harakiri-on-an-isolated-background.jpg

    It's the only answer I'm afraid. Especially as a WO2 who can hardly string a coherent sentence together.
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  11. I think I have deciphered your question. You are facing Major AGAI action for pushing a SNCO?

    Have you been interviewed and warned that your conduct is being investigated as part of Major AGAI action?

    Have you been assigned an Assisting Officer? He or she should explain the process to you.

    In short, the alleged incident will probably be subjected to an initial investigation. If it is found your behaviour fell short of V&S then the incident will be subject to a full investigation. The Investigating Officer will take statements, investigate the facts and calculable the impact to your career if you were found wanting. They will also recommend a sanction appropriate to the failing to the Deciding Officer. I am assuming your are a JNCO, so the DO is likely to be your CO.

    This is really something you should be talking through with your Assisting Officer. A copy of AGAI 67 is available on ArmyNet. You should read this as it explains the process fully.
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  12. You are not a WO2 are you?

    In fact you're not a Sgt either!

    Was it a beeline Coach?
  13. gyros02

    why are you after advice for someone senior to you?

    i reckon your one of those involved.

    if your not then why bother? if it was you in the firing line you'd have to don a flak jacket and expect knives
  14. It was an ACF day out and I only punched him 'cause he's a cnut.
  15. Did you type this when you were on the bus?
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