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AGAI 67 Major Action

Hi all

Ive been a bit of a tit and been warned off for major agai action. Nothing illegal, just a minor bit of "social misconduct". I've been told to expect a sanction at the lower end of the scale - formal interview or letter of censure

My question is I know a letter of censure carries a regi entry for 3-5 years but dose it stay on your record forever when it comes to LSGC etc?

LSCG is only for those who don't get caught. It won't change your life if you don't get one and, even if you do have a regy entry, you may still be able to get one on appeal at a later date. I would imagine that it depends a lot on how much time you've served compared to the length of time until you're due to receive it. If you've only put in a couple of years then, by the time you're due to receive it, you may have done enough time as a good boy to prove you're worth it. However, if you've done 14 years then I don't think you've got much of a chance. It's just something else to polish anyway.
Having received a major sanction and letter of censure for social misconduct it does affect LS&GC but as it's only on your record for a bit it shouldn't hold your career back UNLESS you are about to promote or would promote in the next 3 years and then ur fked!

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