AGAI 67 Major Action

Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by Idoneabadthing, Jul 21, 2010.

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  1. Hi all

    Ive been a bit of a tit and been warned off for major agai action. Nothing illegal, just a minor bit of "social misconduct". I've been told to expect a sanction at the lower end of the scale - formal interview or letter of censure

    My question is I know a letter of censure carries a regi entry for 3-5 years but dose it stay on your record forever when it comes to LSGC etc?

  2. spill the beans, what have you been up to ?
  3. LSCG is only for those who don't get caught. It won't change your life if you don't get one and, even if you do have a regy entry, you may still be able to get one on appeal at a later date. I would imagine that it depends a lot on how much time you've served compared to the length of time until you're due to receive it. If you've only put in a couple of years then, by the time you're due to receive it, you may have done enough time as a good boy to prove you're worth it. However, if you've done 14 years then I don't think you've got much of a chance. It's just something else to polish anyway.
  4. AGAI action is administrative not disciplinary and should not effect LS&GC, may just slow your career down a bit.

  5. Cheers for the info so far

    PW, I thought a regi entry was a regi entry?
  6. Having received a major sanction and letter of censure for social misconduct it does affect LS&GC but as it's only on your record for a bit it shouldn't hold your career back UNLESS you are about to promote or would promote in the next 3 years and then ur fked!
  7. I gues no promotion for me then!

    Just as well Ive just got sunstantive full screw then :) There wasnt any promotion for a while anyway!