Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by agoodgrouping, Mar 3, 2005.

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  1. PS2 have been told that the pay system cannot cope with the financial penaltieequired under the new major sanctions. PS2 have now amended the AGAI and the loss of annual increments for sanctions above Letter of Censure have been deleted.

    This is immediate so if you have been pinged since the new AGAI 67 was introduced on 1 Jan you should speak to your Assisting Officer. :D

  2. Do you have a source reference for this amendment?

  3. Yes, but at home now.

    DSPS(A) issued it to their functional CoC this week & it has been scattered by them to SSA's who should, like mine, have briefed Adjts etc. Haven't seen anything from G1 yet but do expect it soon.

    That should get you access but if you need a file/letter ref come back.
  4. DSPS/A/8390 dated 28 Feb 05 refers. Tel 94271 2196.
  5. Seen. Cheers!