Agai 67, good or bad?

Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by paul_jrn, Mar 14, 2005.

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  1. I am just trying to get a feeler for Agai 67's
    Got any thoughts? :?:
  2. Wow not had an agai 67 thread on here for a couple of weeks, expect the usual whinge from the people who have had it used against them, and it's great from the grown ups.
  3. yet again G3, can only agree. AGAI is a fantastic idea and has, theoretically, always been in place just under a different guise. With the new system being that of Minor and Major offenses, it is easier to give offense related punishment rather than some senior NCO who has had a really bad day dishing out completely unneccessary punishment. Also, it gives the offendor the opportunity to have the punishment reviewed in a much easier way than when summary dealings were in abundance.

    Another thing I am extremely happy about is that it is an across the board system. So a major can be "AGAI'd" in the same manner as a Signaller or Private.

    I know of a Sgt at 30th Signal Regiment who recently got "AGAI'd" and i think it bought him down to earth with a bump as he signed off as a result. Now, not that I like to gossip or nothing, but the afore mentioned Sgt was a right bully and loved throwing his (vast) weight around. Maybe he disagrees with AGAI. But if it gets rid of the idiots within the Corps then hurrah say I!!!!
  4. can honestly say i havnt had a 67 against me before. But i have mixed feeling about them.

    Heard a few 'grown ups' from elmpt could have there say now! :wink:
  5. good untill you get the mini hitlers with a vendetta that try a put you on guard for 5 days or show parade for 5 nights at 22.00h! as long as the troop/sqn bosses keep an eye on this i think it can work!
  6. yeah but timmy tommy whatever your name is, you probably deserve all of that just for your LACK OF INTELLIGENCE!!!!!!!! Got ya again!!!!!
  7. My point proven i think!!!!!!!!
  8. yeah but bull140, we both know that timmytommytw@y is a bit of a loose cannon, and that if he did possess some form of intelligence he would be dangerous!
  9. i think that had jnco's enforced the powers that they already held, there would be no need to introduce a new system. i think this is more a task for lance/full screws.
    some guys at my place were blasted for not having issued enough 1 week!!! is this a good thing?
  10. sorry if im a bit sketchy, the point i was trying to make is that people are getting in trouble for not getting people in trouble.
    its a round robin of discapline. this may just be in my regt.
  11. funny you should mention that.... we had a staffy complaining not enough were been given out and either the full screw started Agai67 the guys on the shop floor, or he would Agai them

    wot the fcuks that about then
  12. as has been said many times before Agai 67 is formalising something that has been happening for a long time, since the charging system was changed. The problem that seems to be appearing is now people are worried because the same thing will happen but it has an official name and a process. It's not only happening from the lower ranks, it seems now from the things that have been said in here, certain seniors are getting the impression that we have this new system so we must use it. Unless the seniors are seeing the lads fcuking up and doing stuff that should be punished and are saying "these lads aint being punished under the system for the stuff they are doing, start punishing em or i'll agai you"

    Obviously as it's royal signals seniors there will be far more cliche's in and far to much use of the F word.
  13. Well all i will say on this pitiful subject is, if a good earfull from me was enough to sort out a problem before, it should be good enough now, surely?
    I have never felt the need to have to 252 some one, although there are plenty of good examples knocking about i am sure!!