AGAI 67 - First Offenders ?!!!!!

Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by Batman, Jan 1, 2005.

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  1. :twisted: Now that discipine is to return to the army ?!!! will the following questions be answered ?

    a. who will claim to have used the new powers first ?

    b. Will it collapse once the offender goes sick with depression to evade his punishment ? Civvy doctors don't you love em !

    c. Will it really be effective ?

    Thoughts on a postcard to "a few years to push, why do I bother"

    If your not up to speed the following link should provide some riveting bedtime reading :
  2. Batman get yer feet in my intray you scrote and Ill let you know who was first...


  3. :lol: No worries Disco as long at it takes a size 11 !!! Obviously I won't be able to march in as my old back, dodgy knees and failing vision (sick chit fabloned at the ready) will suddenly kick in !

    PS Scrote is spelt Scroat unless you subscribe to ye olde english spelling dictionary !! 8O

    Happy new year :wink:
  4. Can you give us an overview of the changes to save from having to read the whole document. What will it mean to all ranks??
  5. Phew supertramp !! :? Its a massive ball of nails to explain fully. I attended a brief prior to xmas which gave the main headers that being that a LCpl can issue certain punishments to a Siggy although it will be overseen by a senior. It would be hard unless the LCpls punishment was for a real bone reason not to back him otherwise the whole system is not worth the paper it is written on !! Even during this brief there was a lot of blurred areas so not sure how these will be addressed.

    This happens all the way up the chain with each person issuing punishments being overseen by a higher rank. Punishments range from being awarded up to 5 extras to show parades and I believe periods of work of up to 3 hours at whatever time you choose !!!!

    Am sure there is someone who could explain this all better however bottom line is that LCpls should start earning their crusts now that they have the military backing legally. The days of big lads sorting the slack arrses's are distant memories in most places so this might give some of the "quieter" JNCOs the muscle they need to get the lads working !!!!

    However with all good plans not many survive the first contact !! Will have to wait and see the proof of the pudding :!:
  6. ST there are plenty of threads about this, a few in our Corps forum too.

    Read the link Batman posted.

    Main thing is if your not sure speak with your Badge when you return to work and ask for a brief.

    Remember the punishment MUST suit the crime otherwise the rug could be pulled from under your feet so if your not sure on what to give then seek advice or stick with the minimum award.

    Use your common sense and you will be fine.

    Of course mistakes will be made and some may find it hard to strike a balance but it will make things better even with Batman and his fablon sick chit!

    Light duties will certainly not mean a get out of jail card :twisted:
  7. All unit Co's and RSM's will be holding briefs, sooner rather than later.
    They are in 2 parts, the first is to all ranks, by the OC/CO and RSM, the second, by the OC/CO, with the RSM in attendance, and is given to the senior ranks.
    Its very boring, but reasonably simple....and they have to read from a pre-prepared script.
    So although not entirely rivetting, it is very informative and leaves you in no doubt whatsoever where you stand.
  8. Have to agree with disco and the general feel of the thread, it is a good idea. However it will take time, mistakes will be made and some scroats will still get away with it in the initial stages. Once it has been running for a year, the picture and options available to JNCOs etc will be clearer. It should have the desired effect on discipline. Should be interesting!
  9. You can just hear the "Right you little bastards" being uttered in glee and readyness from the messes already :twisted: Plenty of happy ncos and a major amount of pannicky Lance Jacks and siggys.
  10. as everyone said in my unit if a lance jak used agai 67 on a siggy, he would probably get his head kicked in, and we would be surprised if any of the screws use it
  11. Was that said down the NAAFI or to the RSM when you got your minor award for punishment turned into a 252?

    Think about it!
  12. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    Then you have a seriously weak set of JNCOs within your unit.
  13. not really as most of the siggys have been in far longer
  14. so why are they still siggies :?:
  15. Having read the AGAI67 this week (no I wasn't bored!) I think it's a pretty good peice of legislation. Uses the sensible aspects of the 'informal' punishments of the past (eg: Extra Duty, 'community service') and just formalises it. It will require control with regards to Minor Punishments, under the guidance of the RSM/SSMs 8) in case the 'excitable' element get carried away. (punishment should fit the 'crime' :twisted: ) but once NCOs are familiar with it, and use their integrity(! 8O ) they will see its really easy to use. (as long as your Standing Orders have been updated...... :roll: )

    There is a bit of form filling (just the one, and its done on the day of the 'crime') for Minor Punishments but there was a load more paperwork to do if you charged someone. It does away with the time consuming orders process for minor bumpf and from the 'crime' to 'doing the time' is a matter of hours rather than days having a stone hanging over the accuseds head because the OC is out of town :roll: .

    Of course if you think you have been 'hard done by' :x you have the right to have the award reviewed where it will either be upheld or quashed (that day) rather than having to wait out for a long period of time. Then theres always the 'redress of greivance' procedure laid down in the AA55 of course but thats a long process....