Agai 67 and leave

Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by hannjob, Aug 24, 2009.

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  1. can block leave already authorized be stopped for discipline action ?

    the situation
    at about half an hour before due to leave camp for 3 weeks summer leave
    all living in male junior ranks were told that they were not going on leave till monday and were having the block inspected numerous time over the weekend. there was no agai 67 paperwork signed by any soldier nor was any paperwork for amendment to leave. every soldier forced to stay behind (as 2 were let off) had things arranged e.g. stag do, birthday parties(there own), engagement parties, work. all this was because the WSM had walked around the block and found a couple of peoples rooms unlocked and in the middle of packing for 3 weeks away and was not happy with the state of rooms when no one was ready to go yet. what course of action do we have and was this even right that this happened?

    please advise
  2. 2 points really:

    Were leave passes already authorised?
    If so, Block inspections is hardly "operational reasons"


    Mass punishment is HIGHLY illegal. Should someone really have the balls to challenge him they could and get him in a lot of poo. But I doubt they will.
  3. What were the two let off for?
  4. Im sure they were crying into their Mochachocas in an M1 service station ! It would have been excellent forethought however for one of the 2 lucky tw*ts to invest in a Dukes of Hazard style horn for when 2 solitary cars pull gently off the regi carpark. :D
  5. Well, he should be challenged. Very poor leadership, particularly in this day and age. With Op tempo being so high leave is a precious commodity. The badge should have a good long hard think about his reaction to this. Times have changed. Mass punishment is not encouraged (indeed I thought it was not allowed under the AGAY system)? I realise that discipline needs to be maintained but I am not sure this is the best way of doing it.

    Is this a training regiment by any chance? I assume it must be. Surely to God (not that it makes it right).
  6. Collective punishment is specifically forbidden. You should raise this through the CoC. It will not help you now but will stop this form of bullying (for that is what it is) in the future. You will not be being disloyal, but will be exhibiting the moral courage that this individual's superiors are not showing in telling him not to act outside the spirit and the letter of the Code of Conduct for instructors (if this is a training unit).
  7. it is not a training regt its in the field army ranks ranged from cfn to cpl and the teo that were let of one had a flight on holiday the next day and the other had to family birthday partys (hardly reason to go if they would not alow one to his own stag do)
  8. and yes leave passes had been in for about a month and autherized apparently the 2ic signed of on this but i none of us were shown any paper work
  9. exactly. What I want to know is a; what did the JNCO's do about this punishment and the (lack of) fairness/illegality of it? Did they raise it through their chain of command?

    and b; what were the Seniors doing while all this went on?

    People wonder why there is a retention problem. :x
  10. the sinor cpl in the block took it appon him self to go and see the oldaly officer and ROS to try and get the lads home but all they did was turn around and said they will not medal in sub unit discipline and the rest of the regt had already gone for leave so there was no one else to go to
  11. Well the orderly officer, at very least, should be looking at some painful re-education and a whole lot more duties to drive the point home. And I don't know what a "ROS" is? Guessing at Regimental Orderly Sergeant?
  12. Depending on how far you want to take it, you can raise a formal complaint of bullying(mass-punishment). Sounds like you're at the sort of unit that would try and brush it under the carpet and keep it in house though. I'll say it again, if someone has the Balls(moral courage as someone called it) to carry this through properly, a lot of people in your Regiment/Sqn are going to be in a whole pile poop!

    I would (personnaly) suggest that the proceedings be started by someone that is already signed off and has nothing to lose TBH. Seen as your SNCO's, obviously, have the best interests of you guys at heart.

    P.S. The reason those people were allowed to go is becuase the punishment is ENTIRELY illegal and there is no way they would have been able to claim the money back, without your SSM/2IC being investigated.
  13. The guy who did this is a throbber and seems to be on a slightly different plane to the rest of us.

    Put in a complaint, en masse, with full details of all the events that were lost, and what happened. Include the lads who got away with it.

    Print out the Leave passes too.

    This doesn't even seem like an actual authorised inspection, the WSM just minced in to some rooms. So straight away, those not living in these rooms can't be punished for "the assumption" that their rooms are untidy by association.

    Was there any warning order that the WSM would be walking around?

    I would actually hazard a guess that the bods in the block have more than a sufficient case to put in a complaint.

    Whilst there are w*nkers like this badge in the job retention will always be a mare. Just out of curiosity, who conducted the block/room inspections over the weekend?

    Incidentally, this badge could find himself in a hell of a lot of trouble. Also, any and every soldier involved should pursue this. I would even suggest that every soldier involved take the action (thats a big bag o shite at his door). It doesn't need to be someone 'with nothing to lose'. Any repercussions on an individual after this would be very unwise. Get this sorry excuse for a badge sorted now before some lunatic does it on ops.
  15. DO NOT STAND FOR THIS!!! Calm down Wolfie f*cking Smith and stop whingeing you p*ssbags.

    They lost a weekend not a cancer cure, doesnt sound like the full story to me neither, I bet the block was f*cking honking after numerous warnings.

    A weekend in the block used to beat a weekend at home anyday.