AGAI 67 and Discipline of Officers

Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by hurryupandwait, Apr 10, 2005.

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  1. Now that AGAI 67 has been in place for a few months, I was wondering if any officer had receieved an AGAI 67 from a fellow Officer. Particuarly interested in either Capt / Maj ranks who have been AGAIed by Adjts or OC's.
    Is it working and, if so, what sort of punishments have been given out?
  2. Several have - it's an impartial system.

    Yes several - it's an impartial system.

    It is working - it has just been amended and refined - and we now have a very good impartial system.

    If you want to know anything else, you should either go to PS2(A) or wait for some numpty to post the detail of an actual disciplinary occurrence on here.
  3. Captain_Crusty

    Captain_Crusty War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Come on - don't spoil the fun - that's exactly what we want somebody to do!

  4. With "badly" disguised names so that "no one" can tell who they are
  5. Well, yep, that was part of the request!
  6. Since AGAI 67 isn't disciplinary action, no one has been disciplined using AGAI 67.

    I can tell you that every oficer that has had administrative action taken against him correctly has done so under AGAI 67. I think the sorts of sanctions meted out are the ones in the book.

    Why encourage someone to tell their stories here when they can make them up and sell them to The Sun?