AGAI 67 and Discipline of Officers

Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by hurryupandwait, Apr 10, 2005.

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  1. Now that AGAI 67 has been in place for a few months, I was wondering if any officer had receieved an AGAI 67 from a fellow Officer. Particuarly interested in either Capt / Maj ranks who have been AGAIed by Adjts or OC's.
    Is it working and, if so, what sort of punishments have been given out?
  2. unlikely. too much hassle. far easier to give extras.
  3. Even easier to ignore it all together. Discipline is a dirty word in the Mess.
  4. If you can be bothered to read the AGAI you'll find that thats exactly what 'minor sancations' are!!! Its a great system if you take the time to be informed, and inform others.
  5. Not for a certain medical unit in the sandpit recently, apparently....
  6. Got anymore on that?????
  7. Well, the AGAI seemed to be used rather often, though some of the finer points sometimes appeared to be less enthusiastically embraced than the opportunity to award the maximum number of extras on every occasion.
  8. But AGAI limits the extras to 5 for each offence.

  9. I suspect I'll be on the end of a Minor Sanction or two in the next few days unless I can talk my way out of it. I'll let you know how it goes.

    I remember sitting next to another Adjt at the first introductory conference and when they said "maximum of 5 extras" he went "Five? I give 'em thirty!"

    Obviously subalterns in his battalion don't have enough to do. Extras, Show Parades (showing staff work rather than uniform) and ROWs are all painless (to the awarding officer) and official punishments that are applicable to officers up to Maj. Lt Cols and above can only get ROWs.

  10. It certainly has happened and is more common than you think.
  11. Still, fairer than the 'wheel of justice' that the CO of a cav unit in Catterick had in the mid nineties.

    "Do you accept my punishment or do you elect for trial by Courts Martial?"

    "your punishment sir"

    Cue adjutant wheeling in the 'wheel of justice', suitably razzle-dazzled.... one good spin and it could be '14 days pay', '1 x guard duty', 'confinement to camp for a month' and a host of other random punishments.
  12. Its going round our place quicker than a dose of clap in Bangkok,
    indeed on another thread I have already posted this excellent quote from someone in the Regt comd 'team'
    "I'm just looking for a reason to AGAI67 one of the Squadron 2ICs so I can give them a week of extras"
  13. Who could that "someone" be?
  14. I couldn't possibly comment

    (makes a nice f**cking change shouts a voice from the back):)
  15. Ah, a finely developed sense of irony :)