AGAI 67 action against the RAF

Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by eye_spy, Jul 31, 2008.

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  1. Seeing as the RUC, as an organisation, were awarded the George Cross. Surely the RAF, as an organisation can be awarded AGAI 67 action.

    Lets look at the evidence and apply the service test:

    Well they certainly affect the operational effectiveness of my unit!! :evil:

    I think you will be in agreement that in the case of the RAF, the answer will always be a simple yes.

    I would argue the case that we should go for a major sanction, maybe that could result in them being disbanded.

    Heres hoping eh!
  2. You can't AGAI 67 someone in the RAF as AGAI is an Army General Administrative Instruction. However you can take administrative action against Airmen. The soon to be released Manual of Service Law will set all that out and should bring all the single service laws under one system.

    Or have I just walked into the biggest Waah today?

  3. Blimey mate, I wasn't being serious, I don't think I can really AGAI the RAF.
  4. Maybe just turn them back into the RFC, it'll do wonders for the Army's strength.
  5. You can indeed AGAI someone in the RAF if they are in a Tri service unit and the CO is Army.

    Eg. JSSU (Cyp).

    You learn something new everyday.
  6. Seeing as I spent my teenage years aiming to be a pilot when I left school and still have a big interest in military aviation I can only think the RAF deserve one of these...

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