I have a question regarding AGAI 51. I have lost my driving licence and have gone down the process of AGAI 67, receiving my punishment accordingly.

The AGAI 51 has been actioned due when the adjt in question was advised to consult it, to see if it applied to me, they decided to action it without further consultation. In turn I have dropped to the lower pay band at the same increment level which, as you can imagine, has left a massive hole in my budget.

I work in an office based location which requires minimal driving so there's no problem there. There is a requirement to go out and about of various jobs but that is always done two up, meaning that aspect of the operational effectiveness is not in question.

The entire CoC is not backing this action, and for some reason there is trouble reversing it. Can someone please give some advice on who to speak to and how to get this matter sorted much quicker?



How did you lose your licence?

Do the crime, Do the time, it's only going to be for 12months, 9months if it was a D.U.I and you do the awareness course, then you'll get your pay back.

It affects Operational effectiveness because there could be a time when the other person couldn't drive for a legitimate reason such as taking medication which could make them drowsy - then who would drive!?!?!
Mate if hes drowsy cos of medication then I aint going on ops with him regardless of who drives

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