AGAI 47??

We are currently in a dispute with our next door neighbours over a nuisance dog. The complaint is against us and we have gone to many lengths to prove our dog is not a nuisance to which people are finally beleiving. Unfortunately we live next door to a finnicky bugger who has no tolerance. Thing is we had to get my husbands Sqn Sgt Maj involved as it was getting out of hand. After he helped us he mentioned he could AGAI 47 my husband. Does anyone know what this involves? Not quite sure how my husband can be disciplined for something Army Legal (had to seek advice) think is a pointless complaint from neighbour. To them we don't have a case to answer as his complaint is unfounded.
Any advice?
My friend said the same but when I asked hubby he was sure the same as me it was AGAI 47. This is why I'm trying to find out just incase he was mistaken.
SS unable to access AGAIs at the mo however if your in Germany there is Sect 48 of AGAIs which deals with the family "Bringing Discredit to the Forces" or something like that.

If this is the case Hubby can be put on a warning for 3 months and the family's behaviour is monitored for 3 months. If the 'behaviour' doesn't improve they can be shipped back to UK with or without the Soldier.

If this is what was being alluded to you need to get someone to have a look at it.

If not then it will probably be AGAI 67. Hope this helps.

Thanks Jockster. From what you are saying that one seems a little over the top so am hoping that it is AGAI 67 although still can't quite see why he would be disciplined! Really long winded!!
Thanks for your help. Appreciated.

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