Agai 108

Greetings, my friend has a disabled member of his family. He has been told by his Welfare dudes he needs to complete an AGAI 108
I have had a quick look for him, but it looks like a stitch up where his postings will be carefully managed to suit the service.
I know that sounds like someone is trying to look after him. But he is happy where he is and his family cope alright. Sounds like they
just want him out of germany to save a few quid. Anyone come across this one before?
I've done an AGAI 108 for my son. It's basically just a form which goes in your file at Glasgow to stop you getting posted somewhere that your dependant won't get the care they need. Your unit cannot use it against you in any way. If anything it should stop your mate's unit posting him if it will be detrimental to his disabled dependant.
AGAI 108 is completed to ensure the MOD carries out its duty of care towards the family. There will be some postings not open to him where the correct support systems are not in place.
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