AG injuncts BBC

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by cpunk, Mar 2, 2007.

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  1. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    The Attorney General has prevented the BBC from broadcasting a story about the 'Cash for Honours' story. Hmmm.

    Bare bones here

    This would be the same government that has signed us up for the 'Human Rights Act'. It's like living in Wonderland.
  2. He went for an injunction?

    What reasons did he provide? Not that old 'Public interest' chestnut surely?

    Get it up on uchoob Auntie Beeb :)
  3. It is being investigated and other charges may come about and this programme could influence a fair trial.

    Edited because Freud may have influenced me.
  4. I'll have the blue pill now, if you please - I've had enough! :pissedoff:
  5. Beebs will not be happy about that.

    Sorry CPunk xx
  6. Thanks Offog. So it must be pretty red-hot then? :)
  7. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Things are just looking better and better for Labour. :roll:
  8. Isn't this a bit like Thatcher banning Spycatcher ? No smoke without fire. Everyone will want to know what was banned. It will definately come out in some website or other so why bother ?

    If they had just let them run the story half the fools in the country wouldn't have paid any attention. ( As the story wasn't about Jade or Kerry Catonia )

    Now everyone will be interested. Own Goal !
  9. AG injuncts BBC

    Thought for a moment Freddie Viggers was preventing any more pictures of shoddy accommodation being aired in public. :D

    Instead, it appears to be good news. Neue Arbeit must really be a bit concerned with this one to get Cronysmith to pull this sort of stunt.
  10. It would appear that the BBC has not followed its own rules.

    How many times have Arrse stopped debate on soldiers who are being investigated in a possible criminal case.
  11. Current odds:-

    Attorney General or DPP has halted all proceedings against Tony & cronies because they are not in the public interest.

    Yates of the Yard has been found dead in a forest having consumed a quantity of co-proxamol before slashing his wrists while unconscious.

    Tony to abdicate tomorrow, posting the keys to No. 10 through No. 11's letterbox on the way to Heathrow to catch a flight to Paraguy. Cherie is currently busy packing the last remaining pieces of No. 10 silverwear.

    Government will rush through a new law in an emergency session of Parliament this weekend while the entire Tory party is pi$$ed celebrating Dave's lead in the opinion polls. The new law will grant legal immunity to the PM, as in America, Russia and Italy.

    Government is about to invoke the Civil Contingencies Act and use ministerial prerogative to overturn the Life Peerages Act and any other laws Tony & cronies may have broken in the past or may break in future. (Cronies to include Cherie 'wide mouthed frog' Blair, and offspring Euan 'snorter' Blair, Kathryn 'suicide is painless' Blair and Leo 'screaming sh1t machine' Blair).

    Blair to be nicked tomorrow at 0600Z (For you army types, that's six o'clock in the morning. For RAF types, that's when the big hand is on the 12 and the little hand is on the 6 and it's still dark outside).

    Blair to announce 3 year job swap with North Korean head of state and renowned nutter Kim Jong-Il.

    He's already been nicked. Late on Friday night, he was dragged from No. 10 dressed in the gimp suit he wears for Cherie at weekends while the world's press looked on.

    Blair has finally snapped. Whitehall tourists with camera phones recorded him standing on a third floor window ledge in his underpants. An unseen but unmistakably Scottish heckler within Downing Street was heard to shout 'Jump ya poncy Inglish b@sturd. Were's yir legacy noo then?'

    To place a bet, call B. Sands bookmakers on 808080.
  12. If the police are supporting the banning of this information being leaked then I'm behind it. If the AG or Tony the Liar was trying to D Notice it I'd be saying different.

    Call me naive but I still have confidence that the judiciary are not motivated by party politics and if our kosher friend is going to be considered for occupation in a single room in Longmarsh then I for one will be praying for a fair trial and a fair hanging.
  13. It's good news. It shows they're running scared and Goldsmith is now contemplating if not expecting a prosecution.