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Discussion in 'RAC' started by Pielover, Nov 11, 2010.

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  1. At present i'm an instructor in the ACF, i'm looking to put together an interest lesson on AFV rec, does anyone have any training notes/pictures that I can pilfer? Obviously I could knock up my own presentation but would prefer to use something a bit more proffesional.

  2. Here you go :)
    Jane's AFV Recognition Handbook tank type world wide For Sale

    I used to be Milan anti-tank and spent hours and hours staring at shillouettes of various AFVs on the wall around the training room. Back then it was anything Russian, these days its a bit harder.

    One of the "fun" things we did was have various Airffix models made up and placed on a diorama placed at the other end of the drill hall and would look at them through the sights or binos to identify them. That could be an option, get each cadet to make up a model???
  3. There fixed
  4. Is this still allowed? I only ask as during a brief spell as a CI with an ATC Sqn I was dismayed to learn that building kits is fraught with H&S implications.
    I taught aircraft recognition using powerpoint presentations with photos culled from the 'net, emailed to the cadet's PC at the Drill Hall when I was away working. For PC-savvy kids this was right up their street, so much so that after only four months of training they went on to win the Scottish Wing trophy, at their first stab.
  5. Download a short clip from youtube of a particular vehicle, then find some pics of it and add text showing prominent features of that vehicle. Put it all into a powerpoint presentation. Only one or two vehicles should be taught in a 40 min period. If it's for interest, don't go over the top otherwise the class won't take it all in.
  6. Sod H & S, get them to make a model at home and bring it in. They then place it somewhere outside and the cadets have to find it using Binos and identify it. Each cadet builds a different model and at the end of the training you have a collection of models for future lessons/to display in the drill hall.

    You can add to the lesson by presenting facts/figures/variations usingimages and videos.
  7. PL

    I will dig out some stuff for you.

    How soon do you need it ?

  8. Bizarrely that's how one lesson at the ILRRP School was taught, along with the navigation & fitness aspect thrown in.
  9. Hi FP, there's no urgency on it, I just wanted to get a lesson prepped do that I can deliver it as an interest lesson during the winter when we generally get forced indoors by the weather!

    Thanks to all for the feedback.
  10. PM sent..............
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  12. There was a great German instructor there who loudly proclaimed (quite often) 'Ze next time it vill be England unt Germany against ze Frogs' before explaining 'Ze BTR60PB is a mobile sheissenhausen as ze escape hatch is betveen ze veels so anyvon trying to escape before zee wehicle iss halten vill be run over by zair own veels', and...'It has zwei engines, ein to power zee right veels and ein to power ze left. so knock out ein engine and wehicle goes around in circles'.
    Well you had to be there I suppose.
  13. The little guy who liked to wear a cowboy hat? Kept on about how he couldn't understand how we sided with the French twice, once he could have forgiven us for but twice...
  14. He was Fallschirmjager, so he might have had a funny hat I suppose, can't remember it though.
  15. I can't see your problem............if it's got a bloody big black cross on the side it's one of theirs!