AFV Recognition Pt2

Responses slightly different this time...
Slot , Not , or IFF interrogate. NOTE .Pictures used are REPRESENTATIVE of equipment specified.












Here we go

1) not, Chieftan
2) Not, M48
3) Not, M60
4) Not, Ferret
5) Not AMX 10??????????? Something french anyway
6) Not, Roland
7) Slot, Something Russian
8) Not, Gazelle
9) Not, Gazelle, though for both not sure of nation so on safe side IFF both of them.
10) IFF it, Mirage but if i was in the navy i would be looking for something sam orientated because that looks suspiciously like an exocet underneath it.
So whaadah think?
Which still wouldn't have helped this time  ;D

The choices are SLOT.....NOT......IFF interrogate
Nite Venture

If 9 is a gazelle I'm Leonard Nimoy

Its an MBB BO 105, but slot it anyway its probably a boxhead one ;D


on all the afv's the brit ones had the only ones with the crew visible and hatches open... and can I have me ferret back, I need to relearn how to use a steering wheel without cossing me hands!!


1 Y
2 N
3 N
4 Y
5 Y
6 Y
7 N
8 Y
9 Y
10 Y

Hop digidy dawg, we'll make those pesky Indians pay :eek:


Do'h nut, cheers have never seen one before.


'Damn it Jim, I'm a doctor not a whirly bird spotter'.


1.  Chieftain/Khalid - IFF (are the Saudis on our side?)
2.  M48 - IFF (dodgy foreign camouflage scheme, could be anyone)
3.  M60 - Not (looks Yank or old Israeli)
4.  Ferret - Slot (on general principles, who the hell uses them any more anyway, not us!)
5.  Engesa E11 Cascaval - IFF (not sure who the Brazillians are supporting, especially in Belize).
6.  AMX 30 ROLAND - IFF (it's Frog, so they'll have sold them to all their Arab mates).
7.  YC135 - Slot (pretty sure no potential allies use it, and the Eye-rakkis had plenty last time)
8, 9, 10 - Slot (again on general principles.  If it flies, it dies.  Besides the Gazelle looks dodgy with missiles on it, the MBB BO105 has been sold to just about everyone, as has the Mirage)

Basically any one of them could be friend or foe in the current climate.  Which one has got Tony Blair in it?


Having just tried Disillusioned's trick and realised that I have got most of the above wrong, I got out my dusty "Little Anti-tank Platoon Commander's Guide to Trainspotting" and now think I detect a hidden agenda. 8)

Is the point that all of the above have been sold to either Iraq or Iran (so may now be in the service of Saddam, courtesy of the Iran/Iraq war)?

The Cascaval (EE-9), AMX 30 Roland and YW351C (I knew there was a Y, a C, a 1, a 3 and a 5 in there somewhere :-[) are all in Iraqi service, the Khalid/Chieftain, M47 (which I reckon number 2 actually is, with an M48 turret), M48 and Ferret are/were all in Iranian service.  Don't know about the aircraft, but it seems probable that the same applies.

So is the correct answer IFF in each case?  (Or rather, IFF if we had it but since we don't, driver advance, gunner stand by ::))
Give Paoli the best Cigar in the house  ;D

The idea of AFV 2 , was to make you stop and think and research if you were unsure. However, in a battle situation, you may not have the luxury of waiting till you can see the markings to be sure.

All of the above equipment, is in Iraqi service. When I first put it together, the only ones on the list, that were a "Slot without reservation"call, were the Chieftan and the APV 1(Chinese troop carrier). A large number of Chieftan 5's  were captured by the Iraqis during their Gulf War 1. These are the Chieftan 5's , upgunned with Chobham armour.

I looked at it from this point of view. A lot of the equipment illustrated, wouldn't have been encountered in the occupied Kuwaiti territories, because it is second/third line equipment. The American M-47's /M-60's are ex Iranian as well, but thought to still be in service with reserve units.

However, there is every chance of encountering these units, if we are deep inside Iraq, and they're throwing everything but the hooka bottle at us.

The Ferrets we supplied as direct sale items. I think if you were that close to a Roland battery, making a slot decision, then you belong to a group, that likes to do it's fighting 30 miles + behind enemy front lines.  ;D

The Iraqi army , does have rather a lot of Gazz's used in an anti-armour role, as are the Bo. 105's. The Mirage F1's are also still in service, and flown by some of the better Iraqi Jocks.

The correct answer (But open to debate) is SLOT 1,4,6,7.

IFF 2,3,5,8,9,10

The face of warfare has changed, since the threat was centered on the North German Plain , Fulda Gap and Venlo.We can now be expected , to fight wars all over the globe, and in countries, that we have supplied with kit.

Identification be your Mantra.

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